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The Main Indexes of Shanghai's 10th Five-Year Plan
Updated: 2006-04-12 17:59

-- To maintain an average yearly GDP growth rate at 9-11% with the city's GDP reaching 730 billion yuan (in terms of the fixed price of 2000) in 2005 and the average per capita GDP topping 54,000 yuan;

-- To readjust the ratio among the tertiary, secondary and primary industries to 55:43.8:1.2 by 2005;

-- To boost the city's foreign trade to 85 billion US dollars, including export of 40 billion US dollars, by 2005;

-- To lift the city's retail sales to 250 billion yuan by 2005, representing an average annual growth of 7.8%;

-- To handle 10 million TEU containers by 2005, representing an average annual increase of 9-13%;

-- To increase the percentage of the spending on R&D to 2.2-2.5% of the city's GDP by 2005;

-- To increase the Internet coverage of business and population to 50% by 2005;

-- To ensure that the average annual per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents reach 15,000 yuan and 7,100 yuan, respectively, in 2005;

-- To increase the schooling of newcomers in the labor market to 14 years and lift the enrollment ratio for higher education to 50% by 2005; and

To increase the per capita housing space among the city's urban residents to 18-20 square meters and the proportion of the green area in its urban areas to 28-30% by 2005.