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Better City, Better Life
Updated: 2006-04-12 17:58

Goals of World Expo 2010

Theme: Better City, Better Life

Sub-topics: City's cultural diversification, city's economic prosperity, city's science and technological renovation, recreating harmony in urban communities, and interaction between urban and rural areas

Time: May 1, 2010 ĘC October 31, 2010

Goal: To host a successful, splendid and memorable World Expo

Preparation stages:

Stage 1 (2004-2005): To set up organizing offices, deepen the concept of the theme, work out the overall plan, submit the registration report, and appoint the general representative of the government;

Stage 2 (2006-2008): To invite businesses, exhibitors and investment

Stage 3 (2008-2010): To complete the construction of the Expo site and exhibition halls, complete the displays in exhibition halls, organize Chinese and overseas visitors, and start the trial operation of the Expo site