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Minister: Media exchanges boost Sino-Australian ties
By Zhang Ping (
Updated: 2006-04-11 08:38

Sydney, Australia -- Media from China and Australia should strengthen cooperation and help beef up the long-term, lasting and stable development of Sino-Australian relationship and friendship, a senior Chinese government official said today.

Now that the Sino-Australian ties have been upgraded to a new high following Premier Wen Jiabao's successful visit two weeks ago, Cai Wu, minister of the State Council Information Office, has called media of the two countries to do their part to cement a full-fledged fruitful relationship.

cai wu
Cai Wu, minister of the State Council Information Office, delivers a speech at the China-Australia Media Forum in Sydney today. [] 

Cai told the China-Australia Media Forum which opened in Sydney Tuesday that China has a lot to learn from Sydney and Australia in order to make the 2008 summer Olympic Games a complete success in Beijing. Sydney made the 2000 games a worldwide splendor.

Cai, who is leading a media delegation visiting Australia, suggested the media outlets from the two countries build up understanding via better engagement, play their role to boost trade and expand prosperity of the two economies, and help accelerate cultural exchanges between the two friendly peoples.

"China's development and future trends need the attention from Australian media. We hope that the Australian media can have a deep understanding of China's initiatives of building a harmonious society and facilitating the development of a harmonious world, and convey these messages to Australian friends so that they can be well informed of a peaceful, stable, prosperous and responsible China, " Cai said in a key-note speech delivered to the forum.

Sino-Australian relationship is now at its best, Cai said, adding the two Aian-Pacific region giants have a lot to gain in developing a mutually beneficial relationship during the 21st century.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said that his country will "work closely with China to pursue our shared goal of a stable and prosperous region."

"Of all the important relationships that Australia has with other countries, none has been more greatly transformed over the last 10 years than our relationship with China," Howard said of bilateral ties, hailing China's emergence as a regional and global power as a positive development.

Chinese and Australian economies are highly complementary and interdependent. Increasing exports of Australian raw resources has aided China's rapid boom, and, Australian economy has become more dynamic, too.

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