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Pudong to see more than 20 system innovations
Updated: 2006-03-30 18:48

Pudong integrated supporting reform for trial has stepped into the stage of accelerated development. Party and government cadres meeting held yesterday released that there are more than 20 innovative systems are at the embryo such as entrepreneurial venture investment withdrawing system, administrative E-supervision for trial, counter shareholding transaction market for non-listed companies and rural collective assets management system reform. Pudong will explore original and integrated system innovations to realize rapid growth at the higher level.

The new-round reform focuses on system innovations in terms of accelerating administrative management system reform, shifting mode of economic operation, exploring development mode of urban-rural composition and rural integrated reform and highlights two focuses: impel independently innovations with Zhangjiang High-tech Park as carrier and financial reform and innovation with Lujiazui as carrier to make the new breakthrough in key reformed fields and key links. The reform aims at building public service-oriented government and independently innovative model area, building service economy-centered economic system and accelerating the construction of modern and new district with urban-rural composition.

In regard of accelerating administrative management system reform and building public service-oriented government, we will identify the reforms on five aspects: innovate administrative management system, refer to the management mode of second-rank citiesand make sure the assignment of affairs; innovate government management mode, quicken fourth-round administrative approval system reform, further simplify approval procedures and extend the zero expanse area of government service; improve scientific decision-making system and explore building the system of key decision-making negotiation and coordination, expert consulting, evaluation and argumentation and public hearings; strengthen administrative supervision system, ensure supervision for trial according to law and explore building the system of administrative accountability, performance evaluation, performance complain and E-supervision; accelerate shifting governmental functions and further separate state-owned enterprise, governmental assets, governmental affairs and government from market intermedium organizations to virtually shift the governmental functions on economic adjustment, market supervision, social management and public service.

In regard of improving regional innovative system and building independently innovative model area, we intend to set up entrepreneurial investment guiding funds, explore multi-tier and multi-channel venture investment withdrawing system and accelerate innovative investment and financing system; positively explore government protective purchase and policy financing warranty system, quickly improve IPR acceleration, service and protection system and strengthen innovative and guiding system; explore independent innovation-oriented HR development system and talent allocation and incentive system to prompt building talent highland. Meanwhile, we will make efforts to create economic operation environment in line with international standard and build service economy-centered economic system through financial field reform, foreign affairs management system reform and investment system reform.

In addition, to shift city development mode, we focus on eliminating the barriers caused by urban-rural dual structure, establish improved employment training with urban-rural composition, explore farmer incomes sustainable increase system, establish the system of gradually and appropriately increasing and uniformly arranging farmer insurance and rural cooperative medical treatment, fully intensify rural integrated reform; improve three service platforms of community affair treatment center, community cultural activity center, community medical service center and their operating systems, positively explore and innovate organization network system of party construction and community construction, resources convergence system and management service platform.