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Fusion of fun and fitness
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2004-10-08 08:58

The Qingpu Tourism Festival, part of the citywide tourism fest, offers visitors great fun and relaxation.

At Oriental Green Boat campsite, a new health and physical fitness testing center, the first of its kind in China, is now open to the public.

Visitors can test their strength, speed, stamina and balance by climbing manmade rocks, walking over a single-log bridge or trudging around lakes. After the test, health experts will also provide health-care tips and diet suggestions.

"For those who are tired of the fast-paced modern life and attach little importance to their health, the experience here is a fusion of joyous games and a physical check," says Huang Jin, general manager of the Oriental Green Boat.

Outside the campsite, lovers of Chinese literature can head down to Daguan Yuan, or the Grand View Garden, for a festival themed "A Dream of Red Mansions."

Built according to the ancient Chinese classical novel "A Dream of Red Mansions," which features the rise and fall of a noble feudal family as well as social crisis and love tragedy, the garden is a must place to visit in Qingpu.

Professional actresses play the roles of the "Twelve Beauties" (featuring the 12 main female characters of the novel) and present a dancing and singing performance.

Visitors can also experience a traditional Chinese wedding in ancient costumes.

The garden also provides a fascinating food journey, including steamed hairy crab, stewed pig hoof and spring chicken imbued with a unique flavor of Qingpu.

Physical Fitness Test
Date: Daily, 8:30am-5pm
Venue: Oriental Green Boat, 6888 Huqingping Highway, Qingpu
Tickets: 50 yuan for adult, 25 yuan for children
Tel: 5923-3000

Grand View Garden
Date: Daily, 8am-5pm
Venue: Grand View Garden of Shanghai, 701 Qingshang Highway, Qingpu
Tickets: 50 yuan for adult, 30 yuan for children
Tel: 5926-2089