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The smart forfour, a choice for urbanites

By Gong Zhengzheng and Du Xiaoying (China Daily) Updated: 2015-11-21 11:05

The smart forfour, a choice for urbanites

The smart forfour integrates a four-door, four-seat design as well as myriad innovative elements.[Photo provided to China Daily]

With its distinctive exterior, compact design and handling agility, the model is fit for city residents

Mercedes-Benz's new smart forfour, a four-seater vehicle, made its Chinese premiere at a press conference at Auto Guangzhou 2015 on Friday. The model made its appearance with smart global head Annette Winkler.

Calling it the perfect car for China's new two-child policy, Winkler highlighted its distinctive and fashionable exterior design, spacious and comfortable interior and upgraded appointments.

The smart forfour, a choice for urbanites

The smart fortwo is the signature solution to the mounting issues of urban mobility for those who don't require the additional space that the smart forfour offers.[Photo provided to China Daily]

"(Families) will be happy about the possibility to choose a smart forfour, instead of the well-known conventional cars, to experience a joyful and smart urban life," she said.

The debut of the forfour comes four months after the agile, compact and creative smart fortwo launched to wide acclaim in July.

The smart forfour carries the smart family genes while integrating a four-door, four-seat design. With a body length of only 3.49 meters, it achieves a perfect balance between style and practicality, bringing China's urban trendsetters another smart choice.

"Since 2009, smart stands for a new urban joy and has been an urban mobility trendsetter in China. The all new smart fortwo, which launched earlier this year, is a true lifestyle icon, featuring fantastic innovative ideas," said Winkler. "Now we bring the all new smart forfour to China - the smart among the four-seaters. The forfour is the freshest and most stylish car in this segment, totally different from others, perfectly meeting the needs of trendy urbanites - even of families of four."

As hundreds of thousands of Chinese continue to move to increasingly dense urban centers each year, issues of increased congestion and parking space shortages will grow in magnitude as people vie for limited space.

The auto brand, however, is positioned to appeal to China's growing urban population and the smart division has effectively set itself apart as a refreshing choice for those seeking sustainable solutions for urban mobility.

Since its introduction to the market, smart has performed well in China, striking a chord with trendy consumers who include - but are not limited to - highly educated urban youth drawn to the brand's unique character and Mercedes-Benz's meticulous engineering standards.

Sales in China have been solid, with more than 70,000 units sold since the brand entered the country in 2009.

"The reason why smart is so successful in China is because we offer a unique premium urban car," she said. "It is not just another car for our customers, it's a way of life, the opportunity to express your own personality and show that you are totally different from any mainstream."

The smart forfour was developed in accordance with smart's core design principles, and is the perfect car for those who love smart's take on modern urban mobility but are looking for more space than the fortwo.

The interior features a host of convenient amenities, but what sets the forfour apart is its added interior space.

With the seat bench folded down, the vehicle's luggage compartment has an astounding cargo storage volume of 975 liters, giving forfour owners increased flexibility and convenience.

And the forfour still maintains smart's unmatched agility, as demonstrated by the fact that it features the smallest turning circle in its class - just 8.65 meters. As a result the new smart forfour has retained all the strengths and charm of the smart fortwo, while offering enhanced comfort and convenience.

Urban trendsetters who don't require the additional space the smart forfour offers can go with the smart fortwo, the signature solution to the mounting issues of urban mobility.

Launched in 52 kW Base and 52 kW Passion model variants, the new smart fortwo has been well received in the Chinese market.

Rather than simply delivering a car, smart offers Chinese customers the chance to embrace a new urban lifestyle. The brand has established itself in China as the pacemaker of urban mobility and lifestyle since it entered the market. It has radically changed how people travel in cities across China.

The smart brand empowers China's urban trendsetters to get behind the wheel and dictate the cadence of their city life, providing an enjoyable yet practical vision of sustainable urban mobility.

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