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China publishes draft ordinances on pollution punishment

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-10-18 11:30

BEIJING - China's environmental protection authority on Friday invited public comments on four draft ordinances on enforcement of environmental protection regulations.

The four drafts, published by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, concern fines for polluters, closure or seizure of pollution sources, production suspension punishments and environmental information disclosure.

The new ordinances will help to increase the cost of environmental offences with detailed stipulations on enforcement procedures, punishable offenses and methods of fine calculation in accordance with the revised environmental law, said a statement issued by the ministry.

Under the Environmental Protection Law revised in April by the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress, a new fine system will be introduced to punish offenders.

If an enterprise illegally discharges pollutants and fails to correct its wrongdoing after being asked to do so by authorities, it may face a fine which accumulates daily.

In the past, enterprises received a one-off fine.

The ordinances also include provisions of rules regarding evidence collection, approval, decision and enforcement of the punishment and lifting of the penalties.

They were drafted with consideration for the consistency of different regulations and protection of people's legal rights, according to the ministry.

China publishes draft ordinances on pollution punishment

China publishes draft ordinances on pollution punishment

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