Austria to tap China's winter sports market

Updated: 2012-02-24 11:28

By Yu Hongyan (

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A total of 14 leading Austrian sports companies are taking part in the ISPO Bejing/Alpitec 2012, Asia's largest winter sports expo, in an effort to take a slice in China's emerging winter sports market.

With 65 percent of its land area covered by the Alps, Austrians are experienced winter sports players. Austria's winter sports industry is taking a lead in the world and 55 percent of Austrians go to ski every year, according to a handout prepared by the Austrian Embassy's Commercial Section.

The winter sports population in China is currently at 5 million, accounting for only 0.37 percent of the country's overall population, according to the handout.

Industry insiders at the Austria Business Circle Wednesday said that the popularity of winter sports is largely connected with the income level of local people. Beijing is the most promising winter sports market in China, thanks to its economic and geographic advantages.

Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and Sichuan province are expected to be developed into popular winter sports bases in the future, given their natural conditions and people's increasing passion for the sports.