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Industries plan out fresh strategies
By Li Hui (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-01-08 07:38

New industries will get top attention as Xiamen optimizes its industrial structure and continues its development along the western coast of the Taiwan Straits.

City plans call for the spreading use of digital information technology in automated manufacturing, management, digital products and integrated systems, which will improve efficiency and give rise to a number of robust enterprises.

Further developing industry is a primary task. Facilities will be modernized in the Torch industrial area in Xiang'an, the Tong'an industrial cluster, in the city's software park and in the Jimei heavy manufacturing cluster.

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The electronic sector will emphasize production of computers and parts, digital audio and video products, mobile telecommunication facilities and electronic components.

Heavy industry will focus on passenger vehicles, engineering machines, aircraft maintenance, shipbuilding and deep processing of tungsten products. Technology will be updated in the chemical, food processing and building materials industries.

As well, urban and rural sources will be further integrated. Its surrounding islands will focus on hi-tech research and development, aircraft maintenance and components.

The western offshore ring will further develop its Jimei heavy industry cluster and the Xiamen export processing zone. The eastern offshore region will emphasize the Tong'an industrial area, offshore food processing and the Torch industrial zone at Xiang'an that includes the information technology, electronics and photo-electronic segments.

City officials say creation and further modernization of industries such as clean and recycling energy is gaining momentum. Enterprises are encouraged to use less fuel, employ environmentally friendly equipment and extend their abilities to integrate along the industrial chain.

Ongoing efforts to attract overseas and domestic capital will enhance local research and development and link technology with the area's industries.

New rounds of cooperation with Taiwan will give Xiamen advantages, making the city a major attraction for cross-Straits business operations. The city will further support three Taiwanese investment zones at Haicang, Jimei and Xinglin and support Taiwan businesspeople in setting up facilities and R&D agencies, especially in hi- and new-tech fields.

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