In difficult times, quality and personality hold the aces
By Nie Peng (
Updated: 2008-10-29 17:06

Tobias Phleps, chief operating officer of MetaDesign AG, a German branding company, said under the current circumstances it would be even more important for MNCs to enhance their brands with unique personality.

"The personality is much more about the character,"said Phleps. "We sit together with our clients, talk about their own values, what they stand for, and what would be the differentiation, for example, between a Volkswagen and a Toyota."

In his opinion, as goods and services become more and more interchangeable, the personality of a company or a brand will determine a customer's choice, and consistency of the personality is important because it helped build and retain customers' trust in the company and in its products or services.

Yang agreed with him. "If your product has no unique characteristics, there'll be no chance for its survival…Both the product and its design should have their own characteristics,"he said.

Yang added that the personality of a company's products should be "backed by consistent quality".

"Some companies lower their quality standard for the Chinese market compared with exports to western countries, which is what we are loathing to do," he said.

"With good product quality and design, there will be a higher profit margin so that companies like us have a better ability to overcome risks," he said.

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