All tainted dairy products destroyed in Hebei
Updated: 2008-10-26 16:36

All the tainted dairy products would be destroyed in north China's Hebei province, the core province of milk scandal, on Saturday, local authorities said.

A total of 32,200 tons of tainted dairy products would be destroyed by Saturday, a government the spokesman said.

China started to review the draft law on food safety on Thursday, which sets stricter food quality standards and demands greater government responsibility.

The draft would ban all chemicals and materials other than authorized additives in food production.

In the tainted dairy products scandal, melamine, often used in the manufacture of plastics, was added to substandard or diluted milk to make protein levels appear higher.

More than 3,000 infants nationwide were still receiving hospital treatment for kidney diseases caused by tainted powdered milk, three were in serious condition, China's Ministry of Health said on Wednesday on its website.

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