China's private entrepreneurs gain more clout

Updated: 2007-01-10 10:36

China's private entrepreneurs are becoming more active politically as their economic and social power continues to grow, according to a recent "blue paper" by China's top think tank.

The number of private entrepreneurs elected deputies at various levels in people's congresses, China's lawmaking bodies, is on the rise, said the research paper, which was released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

A total of 23,143 private entrepreneurs are now deputies of local or national people's congresses, according to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Another 48,359 are currently members of national or local committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China's political advisory bodies.

Experts pointed out that China's private enterprises benefit from the fact that government has recognized them as an important force in its drive to build a harmonious and moderately prosperous society.

In 2002, the Communist Party of China amended its Party Constitution, opening the party door to private entrepreneurs. China is also expected to pass its first property law this year, which will give equal protection to public and private property.

Statistics showed that China's registered private enterprises grew from 1.762 million in 2000 to 4.301 million in 2005, while their total registered capital rocketed from 1.33 trillion yuan (170.5 billion U.S. dollars) to 6.13 trillion yuan (785.9 billion U.S. dollars).

Meanwhile, the number of registered private entrepreneurs rose from 3.953 million in 2000 to 11.099 million in 2005.

The blue paper suggested the government pay close attention to the rising of private entrepreneurs and encourage them to play a more constructive role in the country's development.

The government should also be prepared for possible "disharmonious" factors that private entrepreneurs might introduce, the blue paper said, without further elaborating.

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