Beijing's per capita GDP exceeds US$6,000

Updated: 2007-01-08 10:35

Beijing's per capita gross domestic product (GDP) exceeded 6,000 U.S. dollars in 2006, according to statistics released by the capital's development and reform meeting on January 5.

Chai Xiaozhong, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that the city's GDP rose 11 percent in 2006, the eighth straight year Beijing has had double-digit economic growth.

Despite the good performance of Beijing's economy, Chai said the city faces many challenges, particularly the widening income gap between the city's urban and rural residents.

The per capita annual disposable income of urban residents is estimated to be more than 20,000 yuan, an increase of 12 percent over last year, while the per capita net income of farmers living in the outskirts of Beijing was 8,560 yuan, up eight percent.

Chai said the city's growing population, which now exceeds 15 million permanent residents and some 4 million temporary residents, is also putting intense pressure on the city's natural resources and environment.

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