Six cities to have 3G trial networks

(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2006-11-06 16:39

Within this year, China will build mobile networks based on homemade technologies as a trial in six cities related to the 2008 Olympic Games to promote the third-generation service, Beijing News reported today.

If the tests go well in the six cities, which are Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Qinghuangdao, Shenyang and Hong Kong, the TD-SCDMA -- time division-synchronous code division multiple access -- will be deployed nationwide. Otherwise the TD-SCDMA networks will only be run in big cities.

Xu Qin, director of the high-tech industry department under the National Development and Reform Commission, said yesterday that China will deliver its commitment to launch the 3G service in cities where the 2008 Olympic Games will be held.

"We will stand by the promise we made to the Olympic organization committee to offer the 3G service," Xu said.

Xu said China's TD-SCDMA, one of the world's three next-generation mobile standards recognized by the International Telecom Union, is progressing and the technologies and products are maturing.

He didn't reveal the government's detailed plan or timetable on how it would further develop the technology.

China has delayed the issuance of 3G licenses several times as the government hoped to develop a mature homegrown 3G technology, industry insiders said.

The next-generation services, from video conferencing, film downloads to multi-player 3D games, are expected to create a huge new market for telecom equipment makers, mobile carriers and service providers.

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