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Crime with the lowest cost: The lawyer's thinking in the US strategy toward China

By Wang Fengshou | | Updated: 2021-03-29 15:51
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Recently, the United States has heated up the issue of "Xinjiang cotton" and has a strong sense of being a "human rights defender". Although this is a country that has carried out the most thorough genocide and still maintains the most serious racial discrimination, it is still not afraid to see itself as the embodiment of justice, just as lawyers know that their clients are guilty, but their duty is to help them escape or minimize their crimes. The most patriotic of the "Godfather" gangs is that the United States is the paradise of "crime".

But the psychology of criminals has always been to judge others by themselves. What's more, in the West, "genocide" is the original sin. Therefore, if this crime is put on China's head, the sense of justice of those who do not know the truth can be aroused to the greatest extent, and the eyes of the whole world can be shifted from the increasing racial violence in the United States. The winner is not to be blamed for whitewashing himself and discrediting his opponent. The professional characteristics of American lawyers' thinking are fully demonstrated in this rumor-making incident against China.

It is lawyers who deal with criminals the most, while American lawyers do not reduce the crime in the world the most, but make the cost of crime the lowest and the income the highest. This income is not only for the criminal, but also for the judicial system represented by lawyers. But this is not to oppose lawyers themselves, let alone deny the value of the rule of law. It emphasizes that in the long-term judicial practice of the United States, justice is no longer regarded as the ultimate value, and the judicial transaction to reduce the cost of the judicial system is the mainstream. This kind of economic thinking dominates the rule of law in the United States. The lawyer's income is increased by the decrease of the criminal's cost. In this sense, lawyers must be in a "moral vacuum", not making value judgments, and proficient in the technology of reducing the cost of justice. From this point of view, American lawyers are always legal criminals and the main force of crime legalization. For example, in the United States, marijuana is not guilty and drug abuse is not guilty any longer. All these are the "credit" of American lawyers' active "rights protection".

The United States is a country ruled by lawyers, not by law, which Americans think is a big problem too. The characteristic of American lawyers' rule of law is to get the maximum profit by the lowest cost crime. In other words, the United States is not afraid of committing crimes in the world, as long as the benefits outweigh the costs. What's more, many crimes are business without capital, such as "fabricating rumors" and "smearing" against their opponents. In this anarchic international community, they are even less burdened. In view of the fact that most of the senior members of the US Democratic Party have a legal background, and even many of them are lawyers, the thinking of lawyers is fully exposed in the US strategy towards China.

For the United States, rumor-making is not terrible. It is incompetent not to make a good rumor. Tampering with the scene, falsifying evidence and reorganizing the evidence chain that is beneficial to US are the "core" of lawyers' thinking in US foreign strategy. Nowadays, the United States has created a "human rights" drama for the world by acting as a screenwriter, director, photographer, editor and even a performer. They bet that most people in the world will not explore the truth, but just express their emotions. They bet that the English language media is the mainstream in the world, and even the skeptics can't speak. Years of propaganda will inevitably lead to the belief of the vast majority of people. They bet that the US has been making rumors for many years. First, rumors are hard to expose technically. If it is exposed, then don't admit it. If forced to admit it, then understate it. In short, for the United States, everything is the art of manipulation.

The winner is not to blame. It is not only the experience of the United States as a world overlord, but also the belief of American lawyers. In short, on the battlefield of rumor making and rumor refuting, the goal of the United States is to make China have no choice but to accept defeat. Explanation is a cover up, and a cover up is to admit, which is obviously the dilemma of Chinese public opinion that the United States wants to create. The media advantage of English, the accumulation of technology for manipulating public opinion, and the large number of people with a conscience but unable to break through the information cocoon are the best places for the US to create rumors. There is a kind of closeness in this scene, which shapes the atmosphere and soil of rumor self production and reproduction, just like a large-scale MLM market.

But there is one kind of person lawyers fear most, that is, the innocent who also understands the rules of the game. China has awakened and is being taught every day by the negative teaching materials of the United States. China pursues the rule of law, but it will never allow the rule of law to become a judicial market, let alone the dimension of technology. The pursuit of justice and the adherence to facts are the basis of the rule of law and the right way of politics.

The intensity of internal strife is hard to deal with for US elites. It's easy to make up rumors, but it's wishful thinking to defeat a nation pursuing seeking truth from facts by making rumors. The United States is no longer a lighthouse (both at home and abroad); its splendor is only fireworks.

The author is a research fellow at a research center at Beijing Union University's Institute of Taiwan Studies.

The opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not represent the views of China Daily and China Daily website.

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