US teacher shares quarantine life in Wuhan

Megan Monroe from the United States, who has been working as a teacher in Wuhan, decided not to go back to the US, but stayed in the city and started to post videos on the TikTok video-sharing platform since the first day of the city's lockdown on Jan 23.

Novel heroes: Wuhan zookeepers stay at posts during COVID-19 outbreak

Wuhan Zoo was shut down during the COVID-19 epidemic, but life went on in the zoo for animals and staff.

Efficient measures key to containment

Since Jan 23, when Wuhan, Hubei province, China's core battlefield against the deadly novel coronavirus, came to a halt, the city has witnessed numerous sorrows, but also hope.

The best of care, from the best at caring

In the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak, many of the country's top epidemiologists and physicians worked in Wuhan, the city hardest hit by the epidemic in China.