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For Chinese applicants living in Beijing
Updated: 2006-08-28 14:31

For applicants living in Beijing, applications will be received from August 28, 2006 to March of 2008. Foreign students studying in Beijing's colleges could contact your school for registration. 

For applicants who do not reside in Beijing, recruitment will be start on December 5 of this year. Please contact local organizations for detail information.

Any questions please dial 010-12308 to consult the Beijing organizing committee.

Applicants living in Beijing could either send your applications to the office of your neighbourhood or submit them to following site:

Dongcheng District: http://www.bjdch.gov.cn

Xicheng District: http://www.bjxch.gov.cn

Chongwen District: http://www.cwi.gov.cn

Xuanwu District: http://www.bjxw.gov.cn

Chaoyang District: http://www.bjchy.gov.cn

Haidian District: http://www.bjhd.gov.cn

Fengtai District: http://www.bjft.gov.cn

Shijingshan District: http://www.bjsjs.gov.cn

Mentougou District: http://www.bjmtg.gov.cn

Fangshan District: http://www.bjfsh.gov.cn

Tongzhou District: http://www.bjtzh.gov.cn

Shuiyi District: http://www.bjshy.gov.cn

Daxing District: http://www.bjdx.gov.cn

Changping District: http://www.bjchp.gov.cn

Pinggu District: http://www.bjpg.gov.cn

Huairou District: http://www.bjhr.gov.cn

Miyun County: http://www.bjmy.gov.cn

Yan Qing: http://www.bjyq.gov.cn