Chinese police open email account to receive information about suspects on the lam

Updated: 2012-09-27 20:35:00


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BEIJING, September 27 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) on Thursday publicized an email address ( that the public can contact to report on Chinese criminal suspects who have fled overseas.

The email account, run by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) China Center Bureau, was opened to allow whistleblowers to provide clues on the whereabouts of criminal suspects that have left the country, according to a statement from the MPS.

Police encourage the public to actively and truthfully report missing suspects based on facts and the law, and the public is urged to provide information such as a suspect's name, identification number, address, contacts and suspected crimes, as well as photos of a suspect, if possible, it said.

Police have vowed to keep the identity of informants and the information they provide confidential, according to the statement.