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Updated: 2015-09-28 07:55:30


Editor's Note: China Daily asked internati and people from the general public in the United States how they felt about President Xi Jinping's visit.

Public reacts

"US-China relations are in a phase of hope and hurdles, and our climate change efforts fall under the heading of hope. The world's two biggest economies must lead by example."

Rick Larsen, US congressman from Washington state

Public reacts

"This (the Sino-US consensus on jointly fighting cybercrime) is a very important agreement that has the potential to end a series of frictions between the US and China."

James Lewis, director of the US Center for Strategic and International Studies' Strategic Technologies Program

Public reacts

"Not all cyberspace issues are areas of tension, and some of these issues may present opportunities for cooperative effort. One example is that both nations have a common interest in protecting the stability of the international financial system."

Herbert Lin, cyberpolicy expert at Stanford University's Hoover Institution

Public reacts

"The agreement by (China and the US) ... to collaborate on curbing the ivory trade and addressing wildlife crime could be globally significant - if it is implemented with urgent and time-bound measures by both countries. In particular, the commitment to take timely steps to halt domestic commercial trade in ivory is critical."

Ginette Hemley, senior vice-president, World Wildlife Fund

Public reacts

"The US and China seem to have tension in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of military threats. Personally, I am against any militarization, and that's why I was glad to know the US and China will have more dialogue on military operations in this region."

Duane Rowe, independent artist, Kawai, Hawaii

Public reacts

"Many of my friends complained that it's getting warmer in their towns. It is a threat to all of us on Earth. The joint statement of the Chinese and US presidents reiterates their policies to combat climate change and will be really helpful in battling the rising temperature and extreme weather to make it more comfortable.

Joseph Camelo, graduate student in Chicago

Public reacts

"Because of the importance of China-US relations to the global economy, I read news about President Xi's visit to Washington but didn't get into details. I think the presidential summit will help boost each other's economic growth, which may contribute to the global economy."

Suman Sachdeva, guest scholar from India at the Brookings Institution in Washington

Public reacts

"An increasing number of my clients are Chinese who are now rich and willing to spend money abroad. Therefore, I care more about where the Chinese economy will go and how it will affect my business."

Ethan Okura, dentist in Arlington, Virginia

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