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Sail into future with mutual benefit and win-win: Lu Wei


Updated: 2015-09-24 10:43:59


Now 2,500 years have passed, and people are faced with a cyberspace as vast as the sea and information revolutionary waves as tumultuous as sea waves. This is an unprecedented new voyage and the unknown far outweighs the known. Despite the constant emergence of various risks and challenges, mutual benefit and win-win remain the mainstream of China-US cyberspace relationship. The US is the birth place of the Internet, which then spread across the world and greatly pushed forward the progress of human society. China has the largest Internet market in the globe and is also a paradise for US hi-tech companies with unlimited business opportunities brought about by more than 600 million Internet users. Over 2,500 American information technology companies have invested in China. While promoting the development of China's Internet industry, their market share and profit are constantly increasing and their business climate is also constantly improving. Many of them have already started to earn more profits in China than in US. They share the fruits of the progress of China's Internet industry.

Given that China and the US complement and integrate in depth with each other in cyberspace, mutual benefit and win-win are the inevitable choice of history. We are in the same boat and it is not an option for either of us to push the other off the boat. We must jointly look ahead, which means we should maintain common interests and address common challenges. We should never go backward or create unnecessary disturbances. Rather we should deal with problems in the process of development and resolve disagreements through cooperation. Looking ahead means we should see the big picture and ignore trivial details so as to avoid escalating small problems into bigger ones. We should never do things that hurt others and do no good to ourselves. Looking ahead also means mutual trust, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win. We should inject positive energy into China and US cyberspace relationship and our common interests, and guide our boat to the shore of happiness.

First, enhance strategic mutual trust. Ancient Chinese classic philosophy of Sushu says trust can unify different opinions. Former US President Roosevelt also said that the only obstacle to realizing tomorrow's dream is today's suspicion. Only when China and US enhance communication, increase trust and dispel suspicion, can they avoid strategic misunderstanding and misjudgment, defend the fundamental interests of the people of the two countries and bring more benefits to all humanity through the Internet.

Second, jointly lead digital economy. Digital economy is one of the economic fields with fastest development, most innovations and most extensive coverage. It is changing the economic development model rapidly and reconstructing the map of the world economy. We sincerely hope to carry out with the US together the China-US Cooperation Plan on Digital Economy and support emerging enterprises to enter the markets of the two countries actively and equally. We also support them to carry out a new round of technology and innovation cooperation in the areas of big data and artificial intelligence and so on to turn digital economy into a strong engine for the economic growth in both China and the US.

Third, jointly maintain cyberspace security. Problems with cyberspace security are inevitable with the fast development of the Internet industry and are the shared challenges faced by all humanity. China and US both are the victims of cyber attacks and shall take the same side. We would like to share more information with the US and jointly combat cyber attacks and cyber commercial theft according to laws and relevant international agreements. We also want to cooperate with the US on Internet emergency responses, conduct "track two dialogue" and jointly study and resolve problems related with cyberspace security.

Fourth, jointly explore the code of conduct. The total number of Internet users in China and the US accounts for one third of that in the world. Websites with the top 10 page views are all from China and the US and the Internet enterprises with the top 10 market values are all from the two countries too. As responsible big countries, China and US should actively explore and push forward the establishment of the code of the conduct of international cyberspace, and cooperate on cyberspace law enforcement, anti-terrorist actions in cyberspace and key infrastructure protection so as to build a peaceful, secure, open and cooperative cyberspace.

Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

There were only two people on that boat 2,500 years ago, but today the boat of cyberspace carries far more than two people, far more than two countries of China and US. It carries billions of people in the world. We have become an inseparable community of shared development, shared interests and shared destiny. We do not have any other choice but to unite and cooperate when faced with storms, torrents, reefs and dangerous beaches so as to sail the boat of cyberspace forward with indomitable will until the shore of victory when all humanity live in happiness.

Thank you all!

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