Premier Li attends 10th Asia-Europe Meeting China calls for Asian-European efforts to boost security, connectivity Chinese premier, French president meet on deepening ties Premier Li attends 10th Asia-Europe Meeting China, EU vow to speed up investment treaty talks


Li says focus is on long-term growth

Premier Li Keqiang dismissed speculation of a hard landing for Chinese economy and said that China has the capability to meet this year's growth target.

Informal touch builds friendship between nations

Li supports offshore RMB market in Luxembourg

Premier hails Hamburg's role in China-Germany cooperation

Premier's visit takes China-Germany ties to new height


China on track in Russia

China will take a decisive stake in the next stage of Russia's transportation development, with Chinese companies building the country's first high-speed rail line. The agreement formed part of joint deals worth $10 billion being signed on Monday.

Russian TV anchor makes his name doing big interviews

Full text: Achieving common and inclusive development through innovation

A few choice words boost Sino-Russian relations

Innovating for development