S. African president unveils Mandela statue With a hole in its heart, South Africa buries Mandela Nelson Mandela send-off memorial Mandela lies in state as thousands say goodbye S Africa holds memorial service for Mandela People come say farewell to Mandela in Beijing In memory of Nelson Mandela In memory of Nelson Mandela

China and Mandela

Memorial service for Nelson Mandela

The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa held a memorial service in Beijing to commemorate Nelson Mandela, the country's former president and anti-apartheid hero.

Chinese say their goodbyes

Chinese VP expressed condolences at Mandela's memorial service

Chinese VP expressed condolences at Mandela's memorial service

Xi leads China's tributes to Mandela

Mandela Fights Apartheid

Mandela - teacher to jailmates

Apartheid-era South Africa's most feared prison, Robben Island, remains inextricably linked with Nelson Mandela, its most famous inmate.

Nelson Mandela in his own words

Uniting South Africa was Mandela's greatest accomplishment

Major events in life of Nelson Mandela

China-South Africa Ties

South Africa: Closer ties with China

Dr Bheki Langa, South Africa's ambassador to China, shared his thoughts on the current state of China-South Arica relations and his feelings about China's two sessions.

South Africa values relations with China

South Africa to launch third satellite next month

Hisense keeps expanding in South Africa

Zuma vows to deepen cooperation with China


In sport, Mandela able to inspire

When it came to sport, Nelson Mandela had the ability to inspire even inspirational figures and leave global stars completely star-struck.

Sorrow, tears in South Africa after Mandela's passing

Mbeki: Mandela's passing marks 'end of era'

Mandela praised as inspiration to all

Mandela's key dates

1918 - Born in the Eastern Cape
1943 - Joined African National Congress
1956 - Charged with high treason, but charges dropped
1962 - Arrested, convicted of sabotage, sentenced to five years in prison
1964 - Charged again, sentenced to life
1990 - Freed from prison
1993 - Wins Nobel Peace Prize
1994 - Elected first black president
1999 - Steps down as leader
2001 - Diagnosed with prostate cancer
2004 - Retires from public life
2005 - Announces his son has died of an HIV/Aids-related illness
2007 - Forms The Elders group
2010 - Appears at closing ceremony of World Cup
2013 - Died after lung infection


South Africans hold day of prayer for Mandela

Empire State Building lit up in tribute to Mandela

In memory of Nelson Mandela

Mandela's death dominates hompages today

Flags at half-mast mourn Mandela

World mourns passing of Mandela