Russia starts building Moon spaceship

Russia has started building a spacecraft for manned Lunar missions with the first test scheduled in 2015, the project developer said Thursday.

US, Russian military chiefs hold talks

Russia-Japan territorial row flares up

Russia to put first S-500s in service in 2013

Russia successfully tests intercontinental missile


US Osprey aircraft arrive in Japan

A ship carrying the US military's latest transport aircraft Osprey arrived in Japan on Monday morning amid protests over safety issues.

US F-16 fighter crashes off coast of Japan

Japan ambassador returns to Beijing

Japan calls ambassador back for day

China strongly dissatisfied with Japan on islands

Southeast Asia

Philippines urged to ease tensions

China urged on Tuesday the Philippines to make more helpful efforts to ease tensions over Huangyan Island and promote bilateral ties between the two nations.

US admiral voices support for Philippines

US Secretary of State begins visit to Vietnam

Philippines urged to act cooperatively

US-Philippines drill fuels tension


India test-fires Agni I missile

India Friday successfully test- fired home-made, nuclear-capable and surface-to-surface Agni I ballistic missile from a military base.

India to launch 5 satellites this year

Indian govt likely to give nod to Mars mission

Vietnam, India mark 40th anniversary of ties

Clinton highlights progress in US-India ties


Asia-Pacific countries need to strengthen co-op

Asia-Pacific countries need to strengthen cooperation due to the current international financial situation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said Friday.

Cherish friendship between China and Japan

This year is the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between China and Japan. But the Diaoyu Islands issue makes this year different.

'Buying-Islands' farce to damage China-Japan ties

Mutual trust is necessary


ROK Navy

There are about 170 commissioned ships (with a total displacement of about 181,000 tons) in the ROK Navy, including some 20 destroyers and frigates.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Vietnam's Navy