Indonesian official urges bureaucracy reforms

Updated: 2011-05-27 15:29
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JAKARTA - Indonesia must accelerate bureaucracy reforms as the cost is much higher if the process is prolonged, an official said here on Friday.

Ryaas Rasyid, member of presidential advisor council for governance and bureaucracy reforms, told the press that he is very concerned that until now, reforms have not touched organizational governance in administration.

"It is not a secret anymore that organization in central and local governments is too fat, triggering a high cost," said Rasyid.

Therefore, he said, Indonesia needs to rearrange a transparent and accountable management system in bureaucracy.

"Many corruption cases in our country are due to the absence of transparency and accountability," he said.

Furthermore, he said, the country needs to create a competent based-recruitment system.

"There are too many people in central and local governments without enough competence. How could we have a good government if such practice lasts longer?  We need to rearrange this," he stressed.