Indian Navy to induct 2 more stealth frigates into fleet

Updated: 2011-05-25 13:59
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NEW DELHI - The Indian Navy is soon to induct two more deadly stealth frigates to bolster its growing "blue water" warfare capabilities, local media reported Wednesday.

According to sources, the 6,200-ton indigenous stealth frigate INS Satpura is likely to be commissioned in June-July, while the Russian-built 4,900-ton INS Teg should finally be ready for induction by September-October, The Times of India newspaper reported.

INS Satpura and INS Teg will certainly boost combat capabilities, packed as they are with sensors, weapons and missile systems, coupled with their stealthy nature due to "vastly reduced " radar, infra-red, noise, frequency and magnetic "signatures" to beat enemy detection systems, the report said.

"With the security situation being fluid, we need to maintain the organizational ability to deploy warships, submarines and aircraft at immediate notice," Indian Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma has recently said.