Thailand, Cambodia reach ceasefire agreement

Updated: 2011-02-05 16:35
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BANGKOK - Thai and Cambodian officials reached four points of agreement on Saturday after the discussion between Thailand's 2nd Army Commander and Cambodia's 4th Army Commander, Thai Royal Army spokesman said.

Thai army spokesman Col. Sansern Kaewkamnerd said that negotiation between Thailand's 2nd Army Commander, Lt-Gen Tawatchai Samutsakhon, and Cambodia's 4th Army Commander, Gen. Chea Mon, have been finished as both sides agree to firstly ceasefire, secondly not to additionally reinforce troops, thirdly to prevent more possible clash and finally to coordinate better.

Besides, 5 Thai military personnel who were previously deployed at Wat Keo Sikha Kiri Svara pagoda situated at the contentious 4.6 square km around the disputed Preah Vihear temple were also brought back with the second army commander, Col. Sansern said.

Those 5 Thai soldiers were reportedly captured by Cambodian troops but Thai military has denied, saying they were deployed there to facilitate communication and coordination between the two sides.

As for the reports saying 64 Cambodian soldiers were killed, about 12-15 tanks destroyed and around 4 rocket propelled grenades (RPG) damaged, Col. Sansern said he would like to express deep condolence if it was true.

On Thai side, 17 people -- 14 military personnel and 3 civilians -- were reported injured by an official of Health Ministry on Saturday.

One soldier was killed and four others were wounded in the border gun-battle Saturday morning.

The latest flare-up in an ancient feud over territory surrounding the 11 century Preah Vihear temple took place at around 03:15 p.m. local time on Friday.

The border between Thailand and Cambodia has never been completely demarcated and the issue of ancient temple has been an age-old dispute. Although the International Court of Justice in 1962 awarded the temple itself to Cambodia, the row over land plot of 4.6 square km surrounding the temple have never been solved.