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Hundreds of looters arrested in Egypt

Updated: 2011-01-30 19:02
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CAIRO - Egypt's arm forces said on Sunday they have arrested hundreds of thugs and outlaws who have been looting and damaging public and private property across the country.

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The army said they arrested 450 outlaws in Cairo and 63 in Suez, two governorates that have witnessed mass protests and prevailing looting in the past few days, official MENA news agency said.

An extended curfew was imposed on Greater Cairo, Alexandria and Suez  from 4 pm to 8 am from previous 6 pm to 7 am on Friday.

The mass protests nationwide, which began on Jan 25, have left at least 51 people dead and 1,100 injured.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak named former aviation minister Ahmed Shafik as new prime minister. Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman was also sworn in as Egypt's vice pesident on Saturday.