New Subway line to accelerate Beijing life
Updated: 2009-09-27 11:07

A new subway line will start operation in Beijing just before China's National Day on October 1. But the exact date remains unannounced.

With a total length of 28.2 kilometers, the Subway Line 4 runs through the city from the northwest to the south.

It will help relieve the pressure of old tube lines by offering an alternative access point to some of the most crowded stations such as XIDAN, which is the center of many shopping malls and is also a rising financial centre.

New Subway line to accelerate Beijing life

The ceiling of XIDAN Station is designed to represent copper coins.

The new line will also for the first time service many other key places of the city where traffic is not so efficient. For example, it will shuttle people to Beijing's IT centre ZHONGGUANCUN, which is known for its enduring traffic jams. A subway station will also be located inside the Beijing South Railway Station, allowing riders to take the tube right after getting off the train.

Apart from the convenience brought by Line 4, each station also provides a pleasant and diverse visual experience to travel weary commuters.

New Subway line to accelerate Beijing life
The Beijing Zoo Station is decorated with pandas.

This station's ceiling is full of abstract balloons and its walls are covered in gorgeous cartoon frescos. The Beijing Zoo station is targeted towards childrens' taste as much as the zoo itself.

In comparison to this liveliness, the area of YUANMINGYUAN Park is designed to show the gravity of history. The relief sculpture depicts the relics in the park, with the years of when it was constructed, ruined, and burnt.

The peeling stone may look a bit abrupt in this clear and modern environment, but the contrast seems to remind us that no matter how fast-paced, how fancy our life is now, roots should never be forgotten.

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