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Boy's nunchakus skills keep pace with Bruce Lee

( Updated: 2015-01-16 11:39

Tunnel makes ride beautiful by adding colors, man does calligraphy while floating on water, beautiful women adorn building, walking with manure to prove friends wrong, boy goes viral with nunchakus skills.


A video shows a boy demonstrating his nunchakus skills. A men's lifestyle website posted the video Jan 7.

Boy becomes online star with nunchakus skills

A video of a little boy displaying his nunchakus skills has gone viral, with more than 160,000 views generated on Chinese video site

The boy, supposed to be four-year-old, uses the martial art weapon in perfect sync with Kung Fu star Bruce Lee's movements in films. Sometimes he uses the nunchakus with both of his hands.

Amazed Chinese web users gave thumb-ups and said the boy is very likely to be an excellent kung fu practitioner when he grows up. A web user claiming to be a TV program producer wants to bring the boy to TV screens.

Next up, let's see an eye-entertaining tunnel with rainbow sunshades.

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