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Mother of all gardens

On my first visit to the Beijing Botanical Garden several years ago, the last thing I expected was a flashback to the American TV sitcom Gilligan's Island. But coming out just as I entered was Mrs Thurston Howell III to the life, in an immense lavender garden hat and matching parasol.

Xi's South Korea trip hailed for boosting ties

Sunday talk

Sunday Digest

Hangzhou bus fire injures 32 passengers

A bus in the downtown area of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, caught fire at 5 pm on Saturday, injuring 32 people, including 24 critically.

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Sunday Special

Cultivating interest

In 1980, five US plant scientists came to China for both herbarium study and "botanizing" fieldwork. Two years later, five Chinese experts went to the United States in a reciprocal visit.

Asian roots

Sunday People

Common ground

While the footballers from 32 countries have been showing off their skills at the World Cup in Brazil, a group of children about 20,000 kilometers away from Rio de Janeiro have been practicing their footwork in a park in Beijing.

Newsman proud of his double identity

World Scene

Character test

Polish Sinologist bridging the cultural divide

Out and about

Sunday Image

Right at home

In a recent speech in Beijing about China-Arab cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping told the story of a Jordanian merchant Mohanad Ali Moh'd Shalabi who runs an Arabian restaurant in Yiwu, Zhejiang province. He has not only seen business flourishing but also love blossoming, Xi said.

Sunday Image

Qiegao gaining popularity

College student from Xinjiang hopes to turn nut cake into a well-known energy snack

Sunday Food

Worth their salt

What would life be without salt? We use it to flavor food. Pickle food. Cure meat. Melt ice on driveways and roads. We don't usually give much thought to the types of salt we are using - but some restaurant chefs have become intrigued. Armani/Aqua has introduced a Salt Discovery menu which uses a number of ancient salts to enhance the natural flavors of each dish.

Meat at Morton's shines on lighter summer menu

Flavor is king at Nepalese eatery with broad Himalayan menu

Sunday Style

Finding new magic in lv

Karl Lagerfeld, Frank Gehry and Cindy Sherman are applying their creativity to a new and surprising canvas: Louis Vuitton's famous brown and gold monogram.

The blue and the brave are stars of Paris fashion

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Ring Road comes full circle

Chinese critics sometimes are challenged by artists, authors or filmmakers who receive negative reviews and who respond by saying: "You can you up."

UpClose Encounters with favorite classical musicians

From Westlife to the East

Sunday Travel

Spirited away

The ancient capital of Laos offers small-town charm with the soul of Buddhism prevalent in every aspect of life.

A gleam of renewal in urban Detroit

Sunday Sports

Big guns poised for shootout

Roger Federer targets a record eighth Wimbledon title on Sunday against Novak Djokovic, who is desperate to end a stretch of Grand Slam finals losses that threaten to shatter his legacy.

No changing of the guard just yet

Khan arrested, released

Ginobili 'shocked' to learn of injury

Score board

Brazil outraged by Neymar's exit

Germany's Loew-key approach

World cup tidbits

Entrepreneur Special

Preserving childhood flavors

Wearing a jacket and a pair of sport shoes, CEO of JHX Group Jin Wei represents the typical image of the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs - optimistic, relaxed and full of confidence.

Entrepreneur Special

Shoppers in a strange land

When Sheila Zhang, who has lived in the United States for 20 years, returned to Beijing in 2011 she found shopping online to be problematic.

Entrepreneur Special

Paying it back

From a country boy to the leader of a multi-faceted company, Han Xuechen believes that a sense of commitment to society is crucial to success.