Highlights from the news conference

Updated: 2014-03-09 07:50

(China Daily)

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Feature of China's diplomacy

"The most distinct feature of China's diplomacy in 2013 is the enterprising and innovative spirit."

President to visit Latin America, attend BRICS summit

President Xi Jinping will attend the BRICS Leaders Meeting in Brazil and visit some Latin American countries this year, while China and Latin American countries are making efforts to launch a cooperation forum and hold their first ministerial conference within the year, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. "This will be an important breakthrough in relations between China and Latin America and the Caribbean."

Call for calm and restraint in Ukraine and prevent further escalation.

Reiterating Beijing's "just and objective" position of the issue, Wang said: "China is in communication with various parties, and we will play China's constructive role in bringing about a political settlement of the Ukraine issue."

APEC and CICA meetings give China home advantage

The Summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia will take place in May in Shanghai, and the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting will be in November in Beijing, Wang said. "These two conferences focus on security and economic issues respectively, and both will be key priorities for China's diplomacy this year."

Testing ground for the Sino-US relationship

"In our view, the Asia-Pacific region should be the testing ground of our commitment to build a new model of relations rather than a competitive arena."

China vows to defend 'every inch of territory'

"We will not take anything that is not ours, but we will defend every inch of territory that belongs to us. We will never bully smaller countries, yet we will not accept unreasonable criticism from smaller countries."

China to hold international conference on Afghanistan issue

"China is Afghanistan's biggest neighbor. Afghanistan's peace and stability has a direct bearing on security in China's western region." Wang said that China will hold the Fourth Foreign Ministerial Conference of the Istanbul Process on Afghanistan in Tianjin in August.

China has 'red line' on Korean instability

"The Korean Peninsula is right on China's doorstep. We have a red line - that is, we will not allow war or instability on the Korean Peninsula."

China, Africa good brothers, partners

"In its cooperation with Africa, China has never been condescending, has never interfered in the internal affairs of African countries and has never made empty promises. So far, we have helped African countries build more than 1,000 projects, and we have never attached any conditions to these projects. This fact alone can show that all the groundless accusations against China are false."

'Silk Road' initiatives help boost Asia renewal

"We want to work with relevant countries to add two powerful wings to the rejuvenation of Asia." President Xi Jinping proposed building a "Silk Road economic belt" when he was on a visit to Kazakhstan last year. He later proposed building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road during his visit to Indonesia.

Help at hand, worldwide, 24/7

The Foreign Ministry is to establish a worldwide 24-hour hotline to better protect and serve Chinese citizens abroad, Wang said.

"No matter where our compatriots have gone, they can make contact with the motherland and hear voices from the motherland if they have problems."

- Compiled by Li Xiaokun

 Highlights from the news conference

Foreign Minister Wang Yi gives a news conference on China's foreign policy during the second session of China's 12th National People's Congress in Beijing on Saturday. Feng Yongbin / China Daily

Highlights from the news conference

Highlights from the news conference

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