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Belgian Ambassador to China Michel Malherbe (second from right) and Pairi Daizi Zoo's president Eric Domb (right) feed the panda Xing Hui at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Sichuan province. Xing Hui and another panda, Hao Hao, were scheduled to arrive at the Belgian zoo on Sunday. Heng Yi / for China Daily

Panda pair heads to Belgium

Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and 10,000 compatriots were scheduled to welcome on Sunday a very high-profile Chinese couple upon the first trip to Belgium - 4-year-old pandas Xing Hui and Hao Hao.

Riding the Korean wave

Sunday talk

Sunday Special

Brainwashed by soaps

Poor old Psy: He's got the most-viewed video on YouTube, but no one's talking about how hot he is - at least not in my office.

Adonises who endow women viewers with fantasy superpower

Sunday People

History becomes her story

Novelist Amy Tan is known for taking her time with each book - insisting on extensive research, meticulous plotting and evocative finely tuned prose - so a new work by the respected Chinese-American is always a significant publishing event.

World Scene

A pianist's pathway to Lincoln Center

Sunday Expat

NZ fare with a Chinese twist

When New Zealand Ambassador to China Carl Worker hosts events at the New Zealand residence, he always thanks his wife and the embassy cooks prior to inviting his guests to dine. It is not mere politeness or appreciation shown for his wife's organizational skills. As a professional chef and former restaurateur in her native Argentina, Connie Aldao Worker is likely to have spent two to three days before each event working in the kitchen alongside the cooks.

Out and about

Her father's daughter

Sunday Image

Getting a move on

From New Delhi to Mumbai, cars and pedestrians jostle for whatever space there is - and are joined in this melee by bicycles, tricycles, auto rickshaws, pedal rickshaws, trucks and vans of various sizes, buses and, not to forget, animals. Cows are sacred to Hindus, who form the majority of the population, but the traffic free-for-all includes horses, camels and elephants. And then there is the crowd crush in the vehicles. A motorcycle easily carries a couple, a couple of kids and a maid. In cars, the back and even the roof are for seating. In buses, passengers hang on to window grills, the exits and the ladder at the rear. To add to these incredible sights is the sound: the cacophony of nonstop honking. Yet, traffic moves on, albeit very, very slowly; the traffic police seem indulgent; and the travelers appear happy. This is no country for road rage.

Sunday Food

An ode to good food

There is a vegetable that grows along the rivers and lakes in Jiangsu that makes grown men cry when they remember its taste. It is a weed, a species of mugwort that used to grow wild abundantly, but is now mostly cultivated.


Restaurant Week invites dining adventure to China

Sunday Style

Burberry designer's digital world

It is difficult to think of any fashion brand, or designer, that has embraced the digital era with more enthusiasm than Burberry and its design head Christopher Bailey, helping to radically change consumer browsing and buying patterns.

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Decorative dots speak volumes

About 20 artworks by Indian contemporary artist Bharti Kher are being exhibited across six floors of the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum.

Exhibition makes trunk call to times past

Textures of Ireland

Sunday Travel

Hops aboard

With no disrespect to the many award-winning wineries along the Niagara peninsula, I have to confess that I'd rather drink beer when in Ontario.

Sunday Sports

Who are you?

Big names who go home empty handed, under-achievers crowned as champions: the Sochi Olympics have a tendency to upset all predictions in alpine skiing.

Rooney signs blockbuster deal with Man United

Score board

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'Mother' gets kids on track

Ahn success sparks more questions than answers

Chamoun lets skiing do talking after topless row