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Zhou Yang celebrates after winning the gold medal in the Women's Short Track 1,500m Final at the Sochi Winter Olympics on Saturday. Adrian Dennis / AFP

Zhou wins China's 3rd gold

Two gold medals at two consecutive Winter Olympics - but claimed with two different sets of feelings.

Smog hackers

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Six people were killed in fires on Friday as Chinese celebrated the traditional Lantern Festival, the Ministry of Public Security said on Saturday. A total of 2,581 fires were reported in China on the day of the festival. Police nationwide patrolled entertainment and fireworks venues and residential neighborhoods to spot fire risks, the ministry said, adding that nearly 33,500 firefighters were dispatched on Friday. Text messages and popular social media, such as the WeChat messaging app and micro blogs, were used to spread information and enhance public awareness of fire protection, according to the ministry.

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Sunday Special

Can sprinklers rinse away the haze?

Yu Shaocai believes he knows how to clean China's dirty air - wash it.

Professor discovers ins and outs of DIY ventilation

Clearing the air

Sunday People

Thank you for letting me fly

Fashion insiders marked Zhang Huishan out as a designer to watch some time ago, praising his subtle and elegant way of integrating Chinese elements and motifs into stylish contemporary clothing.

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Sunday Expat

Cross-cultural interactions

Ajike Njoku is never shy and always direct, whether communicating with his rich, merry voice or his camera or even his drums. "A world gone crazy gave its gun to a 12-year-old," writes the Beijing-based multimedia artist in the introduction of his book, AK-47 in a Wild Why World. Despite a litany of frustration with the culture of victimhood on his home continent, the 37-year-old Nigerian's book is not a long whine but a rallying cry.

Out and about

Weariless in Seattle

Sunday Image

Child-raising in focus

Last year on Jan 1, Zhang Yingnan became a father to a boy. Since then, he has dedicated his camera lens to his son and his wife Tao Lanying. Over the course of a year, he has captured the changes and difficulties his wife faced bringing up a new family member. Each picture is accompanied by words written by the father. The group of pictures not only conveys a man's remarkable love for his family but also offers a glimpse into the lives of parents, born after 1980.

Sunday Food

Italian innovation

Italian restaurant Daccapo's recently arrived chef de cuisine Samuel Zucca has quite a few tricks up his sleeves. Diners can expect some dishes not quite like what they find at other Italian restaurants in Beijing.


A hidden French bistro draws inspiration from Japanese seafood

Sunday Style

In Vogue

The first thing that strikes most people about Masha Ma is her confidence. Born in Beijing in 1985, she is petite and greets us in her W Hong Kong hotel suite dressed in her signature black. The ubiquitous cigarette dangles from rouged lips, making her fair complexion appear all the paler. But this is no China doll. Opinionated about much more than style, she personifies the Chinese fashion diva of the new millennium and doesn't really care if you're on board or not.

Social media fuels new era fashion revolution

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Southern comforts

On a recent trip to Guangzhou, I dined at Man Ho with Queenie Zhu, a Guangzhou native. Remarking on the changes in her hometown and the shift from shops along avenues to big air-conditioned shopping malls, I asked if people still go to Upper and Lower Ninth or Beijing Roads.

Another reality for French rocker

Vigor of dragon and horse at Yuyuan Garden

Sunday Travel

Putting 'rich' in Zurich

When we planned a holiday to Zurich, I ruled out a budget flight as my less favorable option for traveling continental Europe. Instead, we take the London-Paris Eurostar then connect to TGV-Lyria for Paris to Zurich. Both trains are a first-time experience for us. Eurostar makes traveling with luggage much easier. After two minutes on line, I get my passport stamped to leave England for France. After a smooth and comfortable two-hour train ride, we arrive at Paris Gare du Nord.

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