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President Xi Jinping visits the Sijiqing Nursing Home in Haidian district. He spoke with choir members in the music room. Li Xueren / Xinhua

Xi joins diners for dumplings

The public hailed President Xi Jinping after a man-of-the-people appearance at a steamed dumplings restaurant in Beijing on Saturday.

Dashing forward

Sunday talk

Sunday News

Chinese lawmakers sacked for fraud

More than 500 lawmakers in Central China's Hunan province have been disqualified, dismissed or have resigned over electoral fraud, the provincial legislature announced on Saturday.

Seven new high-speed railways begin operations

China says Abe must repent for shrine visit

Sunday Special

Elite feet

A new vogue among China's rich is trading the relatively relaxing sport of golf for grueling races in which they can flash cash for opportunities to post online photos of themselves crossing finish lines, dribbling sweat.

Breakfasts of champions

Food as foot soldiers' fuel

Sunday People

Singer passes on, but her legacy lives on

Braving cold rain, more than 3,000 people paid their respects to Hong Xiannu (1925-2013), a renowned Cantonese opera actress, at a farewell ceremony held in Guangzhou, provincial capital of Guangdong province, on Dec 17.

Life and times of Hong Xiannu

World scene

Sunday Expat

Testament to change

Alex Olah's wife's first reaction when he suggested considering teaching English in China was: "Are you crazy?" That was years before the 67-year-old Australian who'd retired from the Australian Trade Commission recently published a book on the topic.

New territory shows grape promise for wine travelers

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Sunday Image

What a load of scrap

More than 700 families work to sort through tons of recyclable material in a little village. Wang Jing visits it.

Entrepreneur Special

Success has finally clicked

After pouring millions of yuan into his business, Li Jinsong said his company, which had been running at a loss for the past six years, can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday Food

Sangria, tapas and ... sangria

While our giggling group did not necessarily walk the straight and narrow after a long, long lunch at Tapagria, we were definitely weaving a little down Hong Kong's busiest thoroughfare.

Cruisin' for a fusion

A chef's fantastic feast fit for television

Sunday Kaleidoscope

A pattern of performance

Veteran Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's first solo exhibition in China is ongoing at Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA Shanghai).

Mehta returns to kick-start 2014

Young cellist wows audiences at homeland concerts

Sunday Travel

A most bearable job, by gum

The best job in the world? Forget the island caretaker on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Here's a more appealing offer: sleeping 20 hours and working a maximum of 30 minutes a day, having every third day off, free lodging and food, and generous retirement benefits. Any requirements? Applicants must be cute, fluffy and, above all, a koala.

A shell of a good meal

Airline news and deals

Sunday Sports

Now Federer gets a star coach

Roger Federer on Friday became the latest marquee player to exploit tennis's rich heritage when he named former world No 1 and six-time major winner Stefan Edberg as part of his coaching team.

Thunder's Durant can get by with little help from his friends

Lucky 13th Pro Bowl for Manning

Time runs out for Mackay

Qatar keeping cool as FIFA turns up heat on Cup dates

10 Great sporting comebacks