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A photo of a screen at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center shows an artist's depiction of China's lunar probe Chang'e-3's successful landing on Saturday night. It is the first time the country has soft landed a spacecraft on an extraterrestrial body. China became the third country to land on the moon, after the United States and the former Soviet Union, and the first to do so in about four decades. Li Xin / Xinhua

Touch Down

A Chinese lunar probe soft landed on the moon at 9:11 pm on Saturday, making China the first nation to put a probe on the moon in nearly four decades. As an estimated hundreds of millions watched China Central Television's live broadcast, the 3,780-kilogram probe Chang'e-3 began at 9 pm to descend on a parabolic trajectory from 15 kilometers above the moon's surface.

Quality-based urbanization plan outlined

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Strong rainfall will continue to pelt South China, the National Meteorological Center forecast on Saturday. The NMC said the strong rainfall will sweep areas of the region's central and western swathes, as well as the southern parts of Hunan, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. The center also warned of sleet and snow expected to hit areas of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. Meanwhile, snow will cover Heilongjiang province, northern areas of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, northwestern Gansu province and the southwestern areas of the Tibet autonomous region, the NMC forecasted.

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Statement seen as singling out China's air zone

While the statement issued by the joint ASEAN-Japan summit on Saturday did not specifically mention any country, the phrase "freedom of overflight" is understood as an implicit reference to China's recently established air defense identification zone.

Fiscal policy urged to start reform plans

Countries urged to share environmental strategies

'Third board' expands over-the-counter equity market

Sunday People

Meet the new frontiersman

Pioneering deal-maker John Cappo is gathering no moss as he brings more A-list international acts, such as the Rolling Stones, to China. Matt Hodges reports in Shanghai.

Tree of knowledge offers more than maple leaves

World scene

Sunday Expat

White-collars, black eyes

The bell rings. Punches fly - first a jab. Then a hook. The bell sounds again, and the fight is over. It's finished in six minutes - six short minutes, following three long months of grueling training. But game designer Samuel Green says it was all worth it. Green removes his headgear and gloves, and pulls out his mouth guard. He receives a medal for the show he just put on. The decision is announced. The crowd rages. Green lost, despite a major comeback near the end of Round 2. But he isn't upset. Green didn't sign up for White Collar Boxing to win the competition. He did it to experience something new.

Beijing's fight club

Out and about

Sunday Image

After the storm

Two in five victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines were children. While the storm has left the country, the trauma remains. China Daily photographer Wang Jing visits the places where children suffered.

Sunday Food

Festive feasts

It's time to book that table to share goodwill and goodies. China Daily's food correspondents hunt for the most attractive options in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hong Kong.

Sunday Style

Man on a custom-made mission

There is hardly any men's ready-to-wear designer who would quickly identify "bespoke tailors" as their brand's biggest competitors. Alessandro Sartori, creative director of Berluti, does. And with that he establishes a tall order for his luxury house, which started as a bespoke shoemaker to the glitterati in 1865.

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Party at tinsel town ... Yule love it!

With jingle bells set to ring next week, the city of Shanghai is making preparations to welcome the arrival of Santa by lighting Christmas trees, holding special events and opening Christmas markets.

Pop duo strike a chord through brotherhood

Entrepreneur Special

A man of many talents

A legendary businessman in Northeast China's Jilin province, Wang Lihui is creating success stories in different industries ranging from real estate to textile and modern agriculture. However, few know that his achievements over the past 20 plus years started with just a simple urge "to do something" with himself.

Sunday Sports

Ripken's next move

Despite gaining a little weight and losing the rest of his hair since walking away from baseball a dozen years ago, Cal Ripken Jr. remains instantly recognizable.

Ellsbury becomes Yankees' 'flower'

Score board

Thunder pound Lakers

Pacers up home record to 11-0

Entrepreneur Special: Rural rewards