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Digital dialects

Computer codes are deciphering a lifeline for China's dying dialects.

Sunday talk

Experts interpret the Chinese Dream

The Chinese Dream shows substance

Sunday News

A banner year for Confucius Institute paves way for growth

The Confucius Institute, a public institution committed to Chinese-language and cultural instruction, has expanded to 440 Confucius Institutes and 646 Confucius Classes in 120 countries and regions this year.

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Sunday Profile

Speaking their language

Mandarin is considered one of the hardest languages for a native English speaker to learn.

Media breathes new life into dying dialects

Sunday People

Sharp eye for the human soul

Steve McCurry's photographs have become modern icons. Eloquent, riveting and beautiful, their poetry penetrates to the very heart of the subject.

Artist yaks lyrically on wildlife paradise

World scene

Sunday Expat

Brew-haha is justified

Finding a coffee house where you can get an authentic coffee in a third- or fourth-tier city in China can be very difficult.

Specs designer eyes China market

Out and about

Sunday Image

Colors of India

Like China, India is a huge and diverse country. Our photographer Du Lianyi, who was there recently, was not only drawn by the tourist sites but also the daily lives of local people.

Entrepreneur Special

German vision to see clearly

EuroEyes is one of Germany's largest independent eye surgery clinical groups and among the first to establish a clinic in China, providing specialized corrective surgery for refractive vision errors.

Sunday Style

Rock 'n' gold outlaw

For jewelry aficionados who want to be ahead of the pack, Paris jeweler Stephanie Deydier merits serious consideration. Several major European publications have acknowledged her talent for irreverence bundled with cutesy-chic.

In sign of times, rainbow of color headed down slopes

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Asia Minor, major influence

Communication between China and Turkey has gone on for thousands of years. The exhibition at Shanghai Museum is presenting examples and evidence.

Kung fu show packs a punch

Call to turn trash into treasure

Sunday Travel

Enigmatic ice world's unexpected warm embrace

We are at London Gatwick Airport again. Flying is not my favorite option but I've found a solution this time. Staying at the Yotel, a small hotel of 46 rooms resembling first-class airline cabins inside Gatwick Airport South Terminal, is a relief for pre-departure anxiety.

History of Bergen