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Tattooist He Wenqian ranks among the industry's pioneers in China. He runs a two-story studio in Beijing's trendy Sanlitun area and owns more in Shanghai and Yunnan's provincial capital Kunming. Photos Provided to China Daily

Chinese rethink ink

He Wenqian is a portrait of how tattoos' image has continued changing in China. The tattoo artist says Chinese who got inked when he started his studio in 2002 not only were stereotyped as freaks and outlaws - they often were. Now, all walks of life, especially among the younger generation, are getting tattoos. He says more "elites" are getting inked. His customers today include businesspeople, pro athletes and bank clerks. "A few years ago, I wouldn't dare tell people what I did for a living," He recalls.

IPOs to resume after a yearlong freeze

Sunday News

Premier's trips bear fruit

Premier Li Keqiang said his trips to Romania and Uzbekistan, where he attended two multilateral meetings, were fruitful and pushed forward China's opening-up toward Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

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Sunday Special

Tattoos' taboo past

People feared Dong Dong's arms a decade ago. The middle-aged tattoo artist says he, in turn, feared people seeing his arms.

Marks of ethnic identity that are more than skin deep

Sunday People

Forum for gays just a click away

'You are at the other end of a cellphone, and from now on, I will never feel lonely."

Doctor is an elderly altruist for the ages

World scene

Sunday Expat

A trashy tale

A man born into the US 'junk business' has become a Shanghai journalist whose new book investigates the shifting global recycling industry centered in China. Belle Taylor reports.

Personal focus on trade relations

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Sunday Image

The birth of hope

The giant panda is one of the most critically endangered species in the world. China Daily shares an exclusive set of photos, showing the cubs' growth during the first 100 days.

Sunday Sports

Westbrook wallops the Warriors

Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks might have some choices to make when scripting last-second shots.

Wilson out to defend fortress

No simple answer to why Trott failed stress test

Another tough task for Spurs

Art Special

Art of friendship

Cui Ruzhuo, a renowned Chinese painter who has visited many parts of the world, says one of his important missions is enhancing international cultural exchanges.

Sunday Life

Mechanic's idea eases births

The idea came to Jorge Odon as he slept. Somehow, he said, his unconscious made the leap from a YouTube video he had just seen on extracting a cork from inside a wine bottle to the realization that the same idea could save a baby stuck in the birth canal.

Nazi law impedes recovery of art

Bullies' prey: the tender and the tough

Lifestyle Trends

A pink reminder, kept out of view

On the plane back to Washington, in her pink Chanel suit, caked with her husband's blood, Jackie Kennedy resisted all suggestions from aides that she clean herself up. Instead, she just said, "Let them see what they've done."

Why boxers box as death hovers

Makeup, bikinis and swollen bellies

With online photos, a new sense of self

Science and Technology

A cheaper, more private wireless mesh network

Like most people, Kim Thomas has a broadband connection at home that she uses to check email, surf the Internet and stream music and video.

Drones' uses raise new privacy issues

Arts and Styles

Finally, at 77, Bruce Dern is a leading man

Bruce Dern was so busy enjoying the moment that he was close to being late for the world premiere in Cannes of "Nebraska," the film he hopes will finally give him the validation he yearns for.

An unlikely pair honor the Everlys

Sunday Style

Happily leather after

It is impossible to conceive but the two factors that heavily influenced Tissa Fontaneda's launch of her eponymous Spanish-based luxury goods company are far from the German-born designer's $500 to $1,350 handbags. First is the opening of Zara in Paris and second is life in Madrid.

Sunday Food

The other side of Xinjiang

A recent surfeit from visits to the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Turkey and Ningxia Hui autonomous region had left me a little reluctant to try any more lamb, but a new Xinjiang restaurant in Beijing beckoned, and by all accounts, it promised to be different. "You can eat beef," the spouse quipped. "Who would eat beef at a Xinjiang restaurant?" I shot back.

New York City Italian in HK multimedia-container


Sunday Kaleidoscope

Tickling the funny bone

Comedy is hard but not for this funnyman. Ever since Chen Peisi became a household comedy star after performing in a sketch comedy for CCTV's Spring Festival Gala in 1983, he has been known for making audiences laugh.

Edited collection explores Asian art

Lennon remembered in tribute night

Entrepreneur Special

Shoppers in a strange land

When Sheila Zhang, who has lived in the United States for 20 years, returned to Beijing in 2011 she found shopping online to be problematic.

Entrepreneur Special

Paying it back

From a country boy to the leader of a multi-faceted company, Han Xuechen believes that a sense of commitment to society is crucial to success.