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A containment boom has been deployed to contain the seawater polluted by oil from a pipeline blast in the Qingdao economic zone's Jiaozhou Bay. Zhang Xiaopeng / for China Daily

Pipeline blast's death toll reaches 48

The death toll from an oil pipeline explosion in Shandong province's Qingdao city has reached 48, and another 136 were still hospitalized on Saturday.

China maps out its first air defense ID zone

History of the US' ADIZ

A new zoo worldview

Sunday News

3 quakes jolt Jilin province

Three earthquakes of the respective magnitudes of 5.3, 5.8 and 5.0 hit Jilin province's Songyuan city between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, causing extensive damage to houses and leaving victims vulnerable to severe cold.

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Sunday Special

Singapore's wild success

Despite its urban and compact settings, Singapore is home to four wildlife parks - the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and the recently opened River Safari - that are must-visits for many locals and tourists alike.

Sunday People

Giants with a light touch

The 12 huge bronze sculptures on show at the Place Vendome in central Paris have received enthusiastic public approval.

Nobel prize winner's connections with China

World scene

Sunday Expat

From Cape Town to Pole City

Not so long ago, Tamsyn Brownie was going to be a teacher in Cape Town after graduating with a degree in English literature, and she planned to continue her interests in ballet and horse riding. Now 30, she's ended up as a pole dancer in Shanghai.

Expat group stimulates capital community

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Sunday Image

The last coalmen

The photographs on this page will soon be part of history as Beijing curbs coal consumption in a move to reduce air pollution.

Sunday Sports

Sunday Life

Robots like us

On a recent morning Natanel Dukan walked into the Paris offices of the French robot maker Aldebaran and noticed one of the company's humanoid NAO robots sitting on a chair. Mr. Dukan, an electrical engineer, could not resist. He kissed the robot on the cheek. In response the NAO tilted its head, touched his cheek and let out an audible smack.

An artist plans an institute

Germ-free bubbles may breed allergen troubles

Lifestyle Trends

Vision of for-profit tactics to help charities

Lindsay Beck, a cancer survivor who had founded a successful charity, started thinking about how the world of finance and Wall Street could revolutionize the staid nonprofit industry when she became consumed with this question: "Could there be a Nasdaq for not-for-profits?"

Academy in France upends tradition

Late to marathons, set on the finish

Science and Technology

In habitats in the Andes, evolution is fast

In 1799 the great naturalist Alexander von Humboldt and his companions set out from Caracas, Venezuela, to climb the Andes. They struggled up a mountainside enveloped in mist so thick they had to clamber over rocks by hand. When the fog cleared, von Humboldt was left stunned by the view. Vast grasslands stretched all around him, home to an astonishing number of different trees, shrubs and flowers.

Barriers that hold back the sea

Arts and Styles

Putting new life into Shakespeare

A great Shakespearean performance is easy to spot: the language no longer feels remote, the humanity of the actor and the character seem indivisible, the emotion being expressed is no longer veiled by poetic phrasing but revealed by it.

Beatles bootlegs, with BBC banter

Indie film flourishes in Greece

Sunday Style

Everyday extraordinaire

About 40 minutes' drive from the glittering skyscrapers of Shenzhen's urban center is Wutong village. Named in honor of the mountain that it hugs, the village offers a slower and simpler pace not unlike Broken Hill in rural Australia where Kain Picken grew up. It is from Wutong's green landscape and clay brick houses that Picken and partner Fiona Lau have drawn inspiration for their label ffiXXed.

Sunday Food

Spanish sensations

It's still a bit of a shock to enter a busy shopping mall in Hong Kong and, after a dizzying maze of elevators and escalators, arrive at a fine dining restaurant located on one of the upper floors of the complex. At The One in Tsim Sha Tsui, Zurriola is on the 18th floor.

A little bit country, a little bit city

By the light of the crescent moon

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Voice of angels

The female voice has never failed to thrill. Perhaps because it is usually the first sound we hear: our mother humming lullabies as she cradles us in her arms. For Christchurch native Hayley Westenra, her earliest memories of music were all about her family.

A blooming marvelous show

Gallery opening on Song Ren

Snowboarder aims to show the Wei

Sunday Travel

Villages of persimmons

Autumn seems reluctant to leave the villages in the southern mountainous area of Qingzhou in Shandong province. Although it is already early into the coldest season of the year, these hamlets nestled into the hilly slopes are still wearing their fall colors of rich red, yellow and green, thanks to the smoke and phoenix trees and the pines that surround them.

Entrepreneur Special

Paying it back

From a country boy to the leader of a multi-faceted company, Han Xuechen believes that a sense of commitment to society is crucial to success.