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Above: An instructor from the Tianjiao Special Guard/Security Consultant Ltd Co smashes a bottle over a female recruit's head during a training session for China's first female bodyguards in Beijing. Photo by David Gray / Reuters

Securing a woman's world

Lulu was asleep when the intruder broke in, tied her up, blindfolded her, threw her in a car trunk and drove away. When the 28-year-old awoke in a strange place, she had to free herself from her ropes and find her way home. She succeeded. Lulu had monitored the car's movements from the trunk, noticing when it turned and stopped. It wasn't an actual kidnapping but rather a drill for the bodyguard in training.

Wait a minute, baby

World media's focus on China's policy

Sunday talk

Sunday News

11 killed, 2 injured in police station attack

Nine people armed with axes and knives were shot dead when they attacked the police station of Selibuya township in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region's Kashgar prefecture, killing two assistant officers, on Saturday.

Natural gas-use increase raises concern

Socioeconomic benefits of realizing the action plan

Sunday Special

Flight versus fight

On the big screen, bodyguards are often portrayed as fighters eager to break bones and draw blood. In the real-life security business, they're actually trained to keep trouble away.

Sunday People

Pupil becomes master

Five years ago Han Nianshi lived a happy student life and dreamed of settling down overseas for a "white-collar life" after graduation.

Island nation a staging post for aid

World scene

Sunday Expat

Like mahjong, life is a game of chance

Lydia Kathure, a Meru girl from Kenya, had never thought of going to China, much less living there. But when she met a Chinese man named Liu Guihai in 2006, her life changed. She was visiting a friend at a supermarket in the port city of Mombasa. Liu, first mate of a Chinese ship, was buying some food for his vessel.

Star status for king of the children's curator

Kazahks bring top performers to China shows

Sunday Image

Pint-sized snooker prodigy

Wang Wuka is not the only one who can't wait to grow up. Many observers are anticipating his coming of age to compete in the game professionally.

Sunday Sports

Les Bleus on the ropes after 2-0 shock loss

Lackluster France faces the embarrassing prospect of missing out on a major tournament for the first time in 20 years after it lost 2-0 away to Ukraine in the first leg of its World Cup playoff tie on Friday.

Ronaldo saves the day for Portugal

Pacers cruise to win No 9

Honors shared after first day of Davis Cup final

Art Special

Mural brings raging waters of Yellow River to Great Hall

Full of vigor and raw emotion, the paintings of Wang Xijing are representative of the artistic styles of Shaanxi, critics say.

Portrait of the artist

Natural talent

Sunday Life

Getting dirty, getting dinner

'I am sitting in the most amazing puddle of mire," Matt Jennings, the chef at Farmstead in Providence, Rhode Island, announced into the dark from his perch atop a 3.5-meter-high hunting blind.

Weighing the risks of 'vaping'

Russian customer service, now including smiles

Lifestyle Trends

In France, an American pushes kale's virtues

PARIS - While legions of American chefs, diners and health gurus have turned kale into a menu staple and a sought-after superfood, their Gallic counterparts do not understand the leafy green vegetable. Even worse, the French do not seem interested.

Venezuelans reshape mannequins

Arts and Styles

Cuban defectors land on their feet

PHOENIX - Cuba takes special measures to hold on to one of its most precious cultural resources: ballet dancers. To discourage defections, authorities sometimes keep talented performers from touring or warn younger artists that finding a ballet job will be tough in an unappreciative capitalist world.

Characters live to die another day

Lady Gaga starts romance with the world of fine art

Science and Technology

Hepatitis C meets its match

Determined to get rid of the hepatitis C infection that was slowly destroying his liver, Arthur Rubens tried one experimental treatment after another. None worked, and most brought side effects, like fever, insomnia, depression, anemia and a rash that "felt like your skin was on fire."

A rare look at a little-known big fish

DNA tests show herbal pills may not be what they seem

Sunday Style

Gold is bold, but ice is twice as nice

If world-leading mining company Rio Tinto has its way, diamonds will not merely be the epitome of eternal, exclusive and everlasting love.

Sunday Food

Right royal elegance

Jiangsu province is dotted with picturesque rivers and lakes that give rise to the dominance of freshwater fish and seafood in its cuisine. And food is something that the residents of Suzhou take very seriously.

Travel Special: Agency promises worry-free travel to tourists

Travel Special: What insiders say

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Men's health grows fuzzier

Men's upper lips got fuzzier this month. And that's not to keep their maws warmer in the colder weather. But the best growing season for the facial hair medium made famous by the ilk of Charlie Chaplin and Tom Selleck is Movember.

Alicia Keys to set arena on fire

Go figure childhood memories by design

Sunday Travel

Sand and Sanskrit

People are always shocked when I admit that I have never been to Phuket. The reasons are simple: My idea of a holiday involves more than lying on a beach. There are plenty of beaches to enjoy in Hong Kong, and it doesn't involve getting on an airplane to do so. However, I am all for vacations that combine sand and surf with more cultural pursuits.

Discovering Seoul's bohemian soul

Airline news and deals

Entrepreneur Special

Brand new direction

Qian Dejun believes in Chinese consumers. But the Anhui-born entrepreneur's faith is unorthodox among his contemporaries.