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Goodbye gray skies

Tenna Schoer gave birth to her first child, Silke, in Beijing on a day the young mother describes as "300 plus". It's a term that would mean little to friends and family in her native Denmark, but Beijing residents would automatically know Schoer is referring to the PM2.5 reading - the standard by which the density of particles with a diameter of fewer than 2.5 microns is measured. The human body can't filter such small particles from the respiratory system. The World Health Organization considers a PM2.5 reading of about 20 to be healthy, so 300 is is high by any measure.

China to be more involved in global affairs

Sunday talk

Sunday News

China in the changing world

Good evening! First, on behalf of the Chinese government, I wish to extend a sincere welcome to all the distinguished guests and friends coming from afar. Let me also express warm congratulations on the opening of the 21st Century Council Conference in Beijing.

Premier meets Sino-US relations group

Sunday Special

Escaping the smog

Beijinger Bai Jing was shocked when her doctor warned her to stop smoking during a regular checkup - because the 27-year-old has never smoked.

Bilingual skills: Putonghua and pollution-speak

Losing a murky debate over family options

Sunday People

Culture of healing

Cameron Tukupua calls herself a "seeker of happiness" and believes that is our natural state.

Chinese shooting star in Bollywood

World scene

Sunday Expat

Global catwalk struts into China

Peter Caplowe weaved his way through the crowds thronging Beijing's Nanluoguxiang hutong, neatly side-stepping stylish young couples browsing the ancient alleyway-turned-shopping hotspot.

Malaysian timber expert branches out

Year of Turkey blossoms as national day celebrated

Sunday Image

Strut their style

China Fashion Week 2014 spring / summer ended on Saturday, but not before fashion watchers were treated to eye-dazzling shows from more than 50 international and local labels, five fashion design competitions and nearly 20 exhibitions.

Art Special

Artist's heart has soft spot for human faces

When she graduated with a master's degree from the School of Fine Arts at Jiangsu Normal University this summer, the journey in the arts had only just begun for 25-year-old Ding Ding, she said.

Sunday Life

A glider built to study the ozone

It might be the weirdest part of the atmosphere, 24 kilometers above the polar regions, where vast stratospheric clouds of nitric acid and water vapor shimmer in iridescent pink while human-made chemicals play havoc with the ozone layer.

Immigrants' love of running

Deep in the heart of Texans

Lifestyle Trends

New hope for hair growth

Scientists have found a new way to grow hair, one that may lead to better treatments for baldness.

The heaviest president and his diet

Science and Technology

Ruining science, bone by bone

It is the dinosaur version of grave robbing: fossil poachers plundering a paleontological dig, frequently smashing ancient skulls and stealing valuable teeth, claws and feet.

Umbilical link of man to robot

Arts and Styles

In the spooky world of global shipping

Rose George is a young British journalist who writes smart books about subjects we mostly prefer not to think about. Her last one, "The Big Necessity" (2008), about human waste and society, is among the best nonfiction books of the new millennium.

Museums use nudes to entice crowds

In Mexico, a chronicler of a sport's significance

Sunday Style

Straining to stay in style in Shanghai

As Shanghai Fashion Week, the biannual "most important fashion event" of the city limps into its 11th year, it is quickly becoming a less than glamorous event for serious fashionistas. While in previous years, the event attracted the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood to kick off festivities, the weeklong event has in recent years been losing its luster.

Jeweler gets museum treatment

Sunday Food

Vietnamese street food goes Soho

Inspired by the street food of Hanoi, chef Peter Franklin has opened Chom Chom Bia Hoi and Eatery in a cozy location on Peel Street in Soho.

Yunnan twist at top Beijing restaurant

Finding wisdom in Greek wines

Sunday Kaleidoscope

All the world's a stage

The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center has combined environmentalism with the fun of the theater. "We are the first zero-emission theater in China," says Yu Rongjun, vice-manager of SDAC.

Art checks into the Four Seasons for the fall

A sculptor takes shape

Sunday Travel

On the great divide

The very name itself conjures up exotic images of veiled belly dancers, whirling dervishes, blue waters and flashes from Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark. In reality, Istanbul is a vibrant city that straddles cultures and continents.

Hey, all you good-looking Young Turks ...

Entrepreneur Special

Moral magnate

Integrity is integral, Oei Hong Leong says. Its reverence has surely served him well. It has not only made him wealthy but also enabled him to produce incredible contributions to the country's prosperity. "Doing business or managing an enterprise, one must set honesty as the foundation. It's not merely a matter of the system. It's more a matter of moral integrity," he explains. His ideas about morality come from his father, he says. "Honesty is one of the fine traditions carried forward by Chinese. My father ran up a large debt when doing business in Indonesia in 1945 soon after the Japanese surrender. So, he sold everything in our home - even my mother's wedding ring - to pay the debt," he explains.

AIMS builds bridge for Asia-Pacific financing

Traditional medicine brand breaking into world market

In step with change

Wong Ying-wai

Bringing 'cosmeceuticals' to China