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A brewing battle

Foreigners have been flying the flag for craft beer in China. But as it gains traction among locals in top-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai - on both the production and consumption sides - a series of potential turf wars may lie ahead.

Larger US budget war rages on, raising concerns in Asia

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China's drug watchdog issued a circular on Saturday to remind people of the possible adverse effects of allopurinol anti-gout pills. The circular from the China Food and Drug Administration said it recorded 485 cases of adverse reaction to allopurinol, including 140 severe cases, in 2012. More than 80 percent of the adverse reactions involved damage to users' skin, gastrointestinal tracts and bodies.

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Cheers for beers

Chinese are swilling more beer than ever - both in volume and in variety. But while better brews are washing over the market, watery factory-bottled offerings will likely carve out an even larger share than their currently dominant slice, some experts say.

Sunday People

Chalk it up to great courage

Substitute teacher Jiang Shengfa's grasp of his potential has long ago exceeded his reach.

A hand in just about every business

World scene

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Noodling over pasta's origins

The tale of 13th century explorer Marco Polo taking noodles from China to Italy along the Silk Road is a well-known story. Too bad it never actually happened. "There is no truth to it," food writer Jen Lin-Liu says bluntly, sitting in a Beijing cafe, spooning gelato into her young daughter's mouth. "In his (Marco Polo's) diaries, he mentions macaroni but pasta existed in Italy before him."

Upping demand for higher education

Danes dig in for additional beer-making in Yunnan

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Heart to heart

Congenital heart disease is one of the most common birth defects. It is especially prevalent in high-altitude regions.

Sunday Sports

Roma hands Napoli maiden loss

Miralem Pjanic scored twice, once from the spot, to hand Roma a 2-0 win over Napoli and extend its lead in Italy's Serie A to five points on Friday.

Klay wins early rounds of family feud

Score board

'Ghost goal' helps Bayer spirit away top spot

Cardinals head to World Series

Art Special: Artist lets his brushes talk for him

Sunday Life

Remodeling a nation

Even by the standards of fashion models, the women teetering in their high heels on the dirt catwalk here were remarkably tall and slender. But judging by South Sudan's many towering inhabitants, they were hardly out of the ordinary in the young nation's capital.

Towers of wood, not steel

New race for space means thinking small

Lifestyle Trends

A way of life to disappear with a fish market

TOKYO - Each day before dawn, the world's largest fish market comes to life in frantic activity, a last holdout of an older, quainter Japan.

In Majorca, catering to those who tweet, tweet, tweet

The look is trashy

Science and Technology

Scientist fixes his gaze on fruit fly

SEATTLE - To hear Michael Dickinson tell it, there is nothing quite as wonderful as a fruit fly.

The energy secrets of jellyfish

Earth's abundance of oxygen, and how it arrived

Arts and Styles

Van Gogh proved an adept copyist

For a long time, it's been something of a dirty secret, violating ideas about great artistic originality: Vincent van Gogh frequently made copies of his own work. Now, in an about-face, what is seemingly the least original aspect of van Gogh's method is offering a close-up glimpse into the strange, obsessive intensity of his creative process.

Classical musicians join the arts influx in Berlin

Sunday Style

Success as much about hearts as soles

It would take tycoon Diego Della Valle quite some time to complete a detailed stock-take of the extravagant luxury items in his personal portfolio.

Sunday Food

Spirit of the apple

Vincent Boulard can hardly contain his excitement as he sits down to take his place along the oak-wood dining table. His first suggestion here inside the Restaurant Normand is that we indulge in a dish that will allow us to sample some of the produce plucked from the Normandy region of France that surrounds us.

Italian pizza chef has everyone in a spin

Encore for South African cuisine

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Devouring 'the dark side'

Hong Kong is widely hailed as a food paradise where people can dine on an impressive number of cuisines on a range of budgets.

Performances suit all tastes

Statues of no limitations

Sunday Travel

Ladyboys of the night

After checking into Amari Orchid's Ocean Tower and stepping onto my room's private balcony to enjoy a view of Pattaya's famous bay, I headed downstairs to join my friends at Mantra. They were already well into the restaurant's smorgasbord of a Sunday brunch. I saw heaping plates of giant prawns, pink tuna sashimi and freshly shucked oysters rapidly disappearing, and was glad that I skipped breakfast a few hours ago.

Along a stretch in Brooklyn

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