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Geek girls, a man's world

Chu Yanli's boyfriend again suggested she quit her software engineering job three months after they started dating. It was 4 am on a weekday in April, and Chu had just gotten home from work. She'd spent the past 18 hours glued to her office computer, trying to fix a programming glitch on Alipay, China's leading online payment service.

Education and sci-tech can boost economy

Liquid ammonia leak kills at least 15

Sunday Special

Reprogramming gender ratios in Malaysia's IT

When Candice Teoh took computer science at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, nearly 20 years ago, she was one of three female students in her class. Most other women, the 43-year-old recalls, preferred business computing.

A class of their own

Sunday People

Tough lessons

Zhang Xianyuan says much has changed in the 10 years since he arrived as the only teacher in the three adobe structures that served as Dachai Primary School in Gansu province's Dongxiang autonomous county.

Mentor helps double bass players take a bow

World Scene

Sunday Expat

Greening the brownfields

China is discovering brownfields can be green, and some think they'll become the new black for the country's urban planning.

A radical step across continents

UK embassy presents look at Beijing's skyline

Sunday Image

Once upon a time

One beat of the gravel on the wooden table and the sounds of cymbals signal the beginning of an age-old storytelling performance.

Sunday Sports

Still some bite left in old dog Hewitt

Six doctors told former world No 1 Lleyton Hewitt he should retire. Thankfully he sought further opinions and is now looking forward to a third-round clash at the US Open.

Li avenges Open loss to Robson

Bayern snatches Cup thriller from 'unlucky' Jose

Moyes bracing for major test Merseyside

Entrepreneur Special

Where the heart is

Though he rose from obscurity to become a successful entrepreneur, Yin Mingjian from Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region is more famous for his countless charitable initiatives.

Sunday Life

The fate of horses at risk

It seemed like a logical alliance for the interconnected worlds of Hollywood and politics. Bill Richardson, a former governor of New Mexico, and the movie star Robert Redford joined animal rights groups in a lawsuit to block the revival of horse slaughter in the United States, proclaiming they were "standing with Native American leaders," to whom horse slaughter "constitutes a violation of tribal cultural values."

Museums welcome art aimed at the ears

Adjusting to the volume

Lifestyle Trends

Youth in crisis given chance to soar

LEEDS, England - Trey was nervous. He tapped his bare feet on the studio floor and pulled the zipper on his indigo jumpsuit up and down so fast it sang. He was talking a lot.

Crowdsourcing, to determine bird count worldwide

Science and Technology

For cartilage, skin and other tissue, hit 'print'

SAN DIEGO, California - Someday printers may churn out hearts, livers and other organs. For now, Darryl D'Lima would settle for a bit of knee cartilage.

Dig pushes back birth of Roman style

Pulling warp drive nearer plausibility

Arts and Styles

20 years from now, Tonto's time might come

Fast-hardening conventional wisdom has declared 2013 the year of the flop, as one American movie box office catastrophe has followed another.

A Brazilian belter extends her reach

Carousel of fairs shakes up art world

Sunday Food

Jiaozi's new chic

Jiaozi restaurants are becoming more refined. That's the impression I get from a few recent visits to eateries that specialize in jiaozi, or boiled dumpling.

Dining where smoke is welcome

Go west, wine lovers, for China's best

Sunday Style

Designer rebel with applause

As a Chinese artist appointed the creative director for a complete capsule collection of a foreign luxury brand, Zhou Yi says the last thing she wants in her works is the "Chinese element", stereotyped by many foreigners and Chinese alike, when it comes to fashion designs.

Art Special: Artist hopes to change world with power of painting

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Take-away art

Wilson Chi-lan Lam isn't ashamed to admit he loves making money.

Hunting rare alligators in the darkness

The jazzman cometh to China - again

Sunday Travel

Big easy, small price

It promised to be my easiest frugal assignment yet: five days in a paradise of cheap eating, cheaper drinking and free music in the walking- and biking-friendly city - New Orleans.

In Athens, Georgia, a downtown renaissance

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