In sickness and in health

Updated: 2012-09-30 08:07

(China Daily)

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 In sickness and in health

Jin Qianying lies next to her husband Wang Binglian reading a book in a ward on July 28. She has been taking care of her sick husband in the hospital for 19 years. Photos by Wang Zhenyu / for China Daily

A couple celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in the hospital where they have lived for 19 years

Jin Qianying, 73, and her 80-year-old husband Wang Binglian have lived in a ward in the inpatient department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province, for almost 20 years as Wang relies on hemodialysis to survive since he suffered renal failure. Jin refuses to leave her husband's side and she has lived in the hospital with him all these years, taking care of him.

This year the couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Because of their jobs, the couple's two sons are unable to care for their parents and Jin refuses to hire someone to take care of their father as they suggest. With age, Jin's health is also deteriorating and she suffers from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

But she said: "As long as I can move one more day, I will certainly take care of my old man one more day." What we see is the power of love, and what moved us most is that they still support each other. Looking at one of their black and white wedding photos taken 50 years ago, Jin sighed with emotion and said, "how time flies".

Today, their sons have a successful career, their grandson is studying abroad, and they have little time to come to the hospital. But Jin said she is very happy staying by her husband's side.

 In sickness and in health

The couple hold their wedding photo on their golden wedding anniversary on Aug 1.

 In sickness and in health

Jin Qianying adjusts her husband's collar as they sit outside the ward on Apr 22.

 In sickness and in health

Jin Qianying helps her husband get dressed on June 13.

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