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Shandong artist Han Fang presents an 800-work homage to erren zhuan, the northeastern stage skit art at the Liu Laogen Museum, including a caricature of master artist Zhao Benshan (below).

Grassroots Confluence

To capture humor in cold clay is hard. To embody the living stagecraft of performance art in a series of static sculptures takes even greater talent and dedication. But this is what happens when comedy veteran Zhao Benshan chances upon the art of Shandong potter Han Fang. The fruit of their combined talents is now manifested in a permanent exhibition paying homage to the northeastern Chinese art of erren zhuan, the popular multi-disciplinary stage skits performed in a male-female duet. It is an act that combines singing, dancing, comedy, cross-talk and acrobatics, usually involving much twirling of silk handkerchiefs and fans.

China cuts its reserve ratio again

Sunday Digest

Trilateral trade talks to start soon

Free-trade agreement negotiation between China, Japan and the Republic of Korea will probably begin within this year, officials from the three countries said on Saturday.

Tang Dynasty treasures unveiled in Belgium

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An Accidental style

He had dropped a clay sculpture he had almost completed, and that accident changed his artistic direction forever. That marked the turning point for Han Fang, and gave him a signature style that would propel him into the limelight.

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Sister Acts

Shi Junfang may appear similar to most young, Chinese single women in her 30s. She is hard working, loves chatting and telling jokes and exudes charm with a quick smile. Yet, her character is remarkable since she has devoted her life as a Catholic nun caring for disabled orphans in Biancun Village, a rural community in Central China's Hubei province.

World Scene

Sunday Expat

Deutsche in China

Q: You recently accompanied Premier Wen Jiabao on his trip to your country. What are your impressions of that visit?

Uruguayans getting to the meat of the matter

Sunday Image

Yellow Treasure

For Shaoxing's famous wine-makers, it's prime time. Photographer Wang Yuanchang savors the heritage wines.

Sunday Life

Warming's final mystery: clouds

IT IS The greatest remaining mystery in climate science: How will clouds change with global warming?

Obama's race is key for some

With more pictures, fewer words

Lifestyle Trends

After the tsunami, a new variety of rice

TOKYO - Toshiharu Ota, a rice farmer in Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan, survived the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster last year. But his fields were devastated by the salt deposits left behind when the tsunami's floodwaters receded.

A hippie redoubt comes under fire

Rocky soil, yielding abundance

Science and Technology

Carbon offers clues to die-off

It may never be as well known as the Cretaceous extinction, the one that killed off the dinosaurs. Yet the much earlier Permian extinction - 252 million years ago - was by far the most catastrophic of the planet's five known paroxysms of species loss.

Recharging devices, from a distance

Arts and Styles

Faltering futuristic city hanging on

CORDES JUNCTION, Arizona - It is an ultramodern compound rising above a desert canyon: an ever-unfinished city upon a hill.

Creating lush colors from nature's palette

Iraqi TV is turning to taboo subjects

Sunday Style

Putting the fur in furniture

In his four decades as a furniture craftsman, Zhu Xiaojie has worked with stone, glass, steel, leather, hemp, acrylic, fossil, marble and elastic. But nothing has been as dear to him as wood, especially the striped zebrawood indigenous to West Africa.

Sunday Food

Tribal & Earthy

Yunnan province spreads across a rich tapestry of geological and climatic diversity in southwest China. In the north, the Tibetan foothills nurture alpine vineyards that are beginning to be known for cool climate grape varieties like Riesling, harvested and pressed in winter for the country's best-tasting icewine.

Locavores from the Hani hills

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Film festival bridges gap

For 14 editions now the Far East Film Festival in Udine, northern Italy, has introduced the very latest in Asian commercial cinema to a European audience.

Art fair gets better

Exhibition exits from reality

City guide

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Sweet Sipping Holiday

Strange as it may seem, New Zealand has only recently found a place on the mainstream global travel map after Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings film trilogy put its physical beauty in front of billions of eyes.

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