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On an overcast spring day in 2005, Wee Lin finally accomplished the mission he had been planning for half a year. Together with some Chinese friends and fellow Singaporeans, he delivered 100,000 yuan ($15,900) worth of hearing aids to a school for the deaf in Luyi county, Henan province. Inside white classrooms, some with faded walls and peeling paint, Wee distributed 300 hearing aids to boys and girls seated behind wooden desks. The gadgets had been shipped all the way from India. "After he gave the hearing aid to one student, he began chatting with her. This was the first time the girl heard someone's voice and she just stared at him," says Zheng Meng, an event manager under the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. She had helped Wee organize the donation.

Envoy: VP visit will boost Sino-US relations

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Around China

Drinking water in the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou is safe, said Zhang Lan, a researcher with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday, in response to concerns triggered after the city's toxic cadmium spill.

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Love links

When she has time, 15-year-old Michaela Zimmerman hangs out with friends, watches TV, runs at the gym, cooks or reads - like any other typical teenager. What's not so typical is that she also runs a website that puts volunteers in touch with local charities that need their help.

Touching stories deep from the country's heartlands

Sunday Expat

Trick cyclist

When former German national gymnast Ines Brunn considered leaving her job to run a bicycle shop, a friend could not believe it. "Who wants to see an old woman do tricks on a bicycle?" her friend asked. But not only did Brunn leave her high-paying job in a major telecommunications company to do just that, she also chose to locate her bike shop in Beijing.

US artist imbues works with China passion

Merkel takes a break for hutong stroll

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Everybody dance!

Munao zongge means singing and dancing in the Jingpo language of Yunnan province, and this year's recent International Dehong Munao Zongge festival brought more than musical fun: Two world records were set.

Sunday Sports


NEW YORK - Jeremy Lin outplayed Kobe Bryant, ended the mighty Lakers' dominance of the Knicks and then tried to pretend it was just another game.

Chinese TV picking up knicks broadcasts

A dominant day for Chan

Sandusky gets a day in court

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Net Gains

Suddenly, everything's looking sunny for the NBA again - and that goes double in China. Despite the season being delayed due to a lockout, and some of the league's stars heading overseas, Commissioner David Stern said he isn't worried the NBA's appeal has been damaged. "We feel confident that basketball will still be number one among Chinese sports fans," Stern told China Daily during a video conference on Thursday.

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The NBA's real star

The week that was

Sunday Life

Alone, but not lonely

The thought of living alone once sparked anxiety and visions of loneliness. But now the most privileged people on earth use their resources to buy privacy and personal space.

Taking a stand to protect privacy

Insights of the elderly

Lifestyle Trends

Different paths on the road to innovation

In the hunt for innovation, that elusive path to economic growth and corporate prosperity, try a little jazz as an inspirational metaphor, says John Kao, an innovation adviser to corporations and governments.

For $2 a star, an online retailer gets 5-star reviews

Arts and Styles

Wonder women, menacingly metallic

It takes sinew and plenty of smarts to make a female action hero, and if you are among the new breed of wonder women dispatching villains at the multiplex these days, it takes an industrial-strength wardrobe to die for.

Still creating those otherworldly effects

Sharing a password opens a risky door

Science and Technology

Using the Web to open the scientific process

For centuries, scientific research has been done in private, then submitted to journals to be reviewed by peers and published.

Online, on a ledge: a solitary sport is turning social

Analyzing the blue hue of a famous 'cursed' gem

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Love birds

They would be cruising in a red sports convertible along country roads, and the heroine's hair would be neatly tucked underneath a flowing silk scarf.

Hitting the sweet spot at Guomao

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Dream weddings

The ambience is perfect. In a room filled with petals and blooms, Preston Bailey sits, ready to be interviewed. Soft romantic melodies tinkle in the air while wedding dresses and veils flutter softly in the background.

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Mind-blowing art

For Chinese sculpture and conceptual artist Zhan Wang, his latest work is explosive - literally.

Listen to his music ...

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River of mystery & majesty

It is hard to visualize a deep river flowing beneath an expansive cave network. And mention a Philippine cave and it will instantly conjure a picture from TV's Survivor series, where competitors crawl on slippery stones amidst complete darkness and eerie sounds of bat calls.