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Ferran Adria will return to China to learn more about its cuisines as part of the preparations before he re-opens El Bulli in 2014 to nurture a new generation of creative chefs, all ages. Zou Hong / China Daily

Ambassador in chef

Think of Spain, and the mind traditionally conjures up passionate flamenco dancers, heroic matadors or exotic islands with all-night partying under the full moon. But in the last two decades or so, think of Spain and the eyes light up and the senses salivate as we of think of Ferran Adria, his iconic El Bulli restaurant and how he changed the way we look at and taste food. At the height of his popularity, the chef announced he was closing shop and moving on. El Bulli will go into hiatus, he says, and when it reopens, it will be an incubator for the next generation of memorable chefs.

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Chinese sculptor remains calm in MLK statue storm

WASHINGTON - As excitement and controversy swirl around Lei Yixin and his 9-meter-tall granite statue of Dr Martin Luther King Jr at the National Mall, the well-known Chinese sculptor is surprisingly calm and modest.

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What Biden really ate in Beijing

Dry humor, straight talk and a delicate tread between modesty and pride. Restaurant owner Yao Yan rules her little shop like a Beijing matriarch, and she treated the vice-president of the United States no differently from the local diners who throng to her eatery every day.

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King lives on in Tintin

Everyone here knows that the July 14 bridge, a convenient route to the US Embassy and government offices in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, marks a 1958 coup when Iraq's last king was murdered. But not many know that King Faisal II lives on in the classic Tintin comic books.

Tintin - make that Dingding - always a China fave

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Far, wide reach

Six years ago, Julien Faliu was living in France but working in London, and then Madrid for a professional website. Even though his business kept him online, he says he couldn��t find much information about the places he was living or people like him there. "In 2005 we started talking about blogs," he says. "But there were not so many. I started reading blogs by individuals in Madrid and London and I thought, 'Let's try to get all of these expats on one website and share more experiences." A few months later, was born. "At the beginning, it was a blogger community but now it's open to everyone - you don't have to have a blog to participate." Six years later, Faliu finds his creation still meets his personal needs. "I am still an expatriate, living in Mauritius now. And professionally, it always helps when you know what the audience needs."

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Change is in spotlight for Kunming show

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Power to the Lady!

As of this week, she is officially the most powerful entertainer in America, having dethroned the great Oprah Winfrey, who slid three places behind Lady Gaga in Forbes magazine's World's Most Powerful Women list.

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Messi, Fabregas lift Barcelona

MONACO - Reunited a decade after being teammates in the Barcelona youth academy, Lionel Messi and Cesc Fabregas linked up again on Friday to help Barca win the European Super Cup with a 2-0 victory over FC Porto, which finished the match with nine men.

Long way to come for an ugly ending

Not too small to teach

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Celebrating silver

Russia pole vault queen poised for sweet revenge

News and notes from daegu

The week that was

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For life out there, start here

Generations of scientists and science fiction fans have grown up presuming that humanity's first encounter with alien life will happen in outer space.

Next stop, Alpha Centauri

Retro appeal, for now

Science and Technology

On island of trash, a haven in nature

Singapore may have the only landfill with a four-month-long waiting list to visit.

For 58,000, an artificial intelligence class

Lifestyle Trends

Small fists hold tight in a lesson on rodeo

AURORA, Colorado - Kaden Bustamante tottered out of the rodeo arena after his brief, rough ride landed him face down in the dirt. He spit dust and tried to stanch the blood pouring from his nose.

Their global mission: to build a better toilet

And may the tastiest peach win

Arts and Styles

Defining the mystical gift of charisma

On March 19, 1965, Maria Callas returned to the Metropolitan Opera after a seven-year absence. It was one of the most anticipated nights in Met history.

The discards of society, made as good as new

Art books elevate the Picassos of pulp

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Buckling under the knuckle

My mother used to tell me my eyes were bigger than my tummy. In the case of eating at Berliner, she proved to be right, again. Opened in early August, the Olympian City 3 outlet is well positioned next to luxury residential development The Hermitage and ideal for families living in Kowloon West and Mongkok.

Lunching at Morton's

New duck classics

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Steve Jobs. Who?

They are lighting candles to keep a vigil for Steve Jobs' health in California, and Apple stocks dropped with the news that the founder of Apple has resigned from the company. But in China, it's the products, not the man that is first in consumer consciousness. China Daily visited the Apple store in Beijing's Sanlitun, and asked several young Apple fans if they were disappointed with Steve Job's decision to leave the company. "No", they said, but they all vowed that they would still be buying any new products with the apple icon.

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Demons, dragons and redemption

The most precious piece of china in the Nanjing Museum is a squat, muddy-looking urn shaped like a toothy beast with spindly limbs and a tiny ball between tongue and teeth. It is also a unique piece, one of a kind.

Action, film ... but no camera

Silent classics quietly steal the show

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Eat drink play montreal

It will be at least 10:30 pm before we can get a table. It is a Thursday night, no less. That was the word from the concierge when we asked him to book us into Montreal's renowned eatery Au Pied de Cochon. Chef Martin Picard's staunchly Quebecois diner is either still the city's favorite place for comfort food or Montreal's reputation as a late night party town is as true as ever. A weekend in Quebec's energetic hub of play and pleasure was bound to include little sleep - bars open every night until 3 am - so eating a little late is no big deal. Canada's second largest city, and the biggest French-speaking metropolis after Paris, has always lived by its free-spirited, hedonistic ways. Occasionally, there's an economic price to pay (its 1976 Olympic debt was finally cleared in 2006) but it is a beautiful liberalism the denizens wear like an old tie-dyed shirt.

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