Ding into last 16 at snooker championships

Updated: 2011-04-19 09:29
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SHEFFIELD - Chinese top player Ding Junhui easily overcame his first opponent Jamie Burnett 10-2 on Monday, taking a berth of last 16 at the Snooker World Championships.

The world No 4 Ding was unreachable as he took an 8-1 lead after the first session on Sunday and the 24-year-old just needed one more hour on Monday to wrap it up 10-2.

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"I have thought about an easy win in my opening match here," said the four ranking titles holder Ding. "I played him once before and I know this match shouldn't be tough."

Ding met Burnett in the first round at the 2008 Grand Prix and defeated the Scottish 5-0.

The world No 40 Burnett opened the first frame on Monday with a break of 61, but failed to hit the pink ball into pocket after several attempts and left the ball right at the mouth to give Ding a great chance.

Ding didn't squander the favour, clearing the table by hitting the pink and black balls to make it 9-1 with a result of 69-61.

Burnett, 35, managed to pull one back then but couldn't stop Ding to finish the game with a break of 71 in the 12th frame.

"I lost kind of focus at first today," said Ding. "But he is not good at playing long balls, so I just tried not to give him any chance."

Ding has never progressed beyond the second round at the World Champoinships in his previous four outings, but is expected to break the jink this time after winning the prestigious Wembley Masters in January.

"I don't think I'm the favourite," said Ding. "I will just concentrate on the next game. Just play normally, play myself."

Ding will begin fight for a breakthrough on Sunday and his opponent will be the winner between Peter Ebdon and Stuart Bingham.