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Tobacco Control

Updated: 2010-11-08 22:18
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Guangzhou Regulations on Tobacco Control has officially become effective on September 1, 2010.

Under the regulations, smoking is banned in 12 categories of public places, including the premises of national agencies and public institutions; in such places, no smoking room or area is set up either.

Smoking is restricted in four other categories of public places, including catering establishments which have a floor area of more than 150 square meters or over 75 seats; in these place, smoking rooms or areas are set up.

Non-smoking public places include:

- Indoor areas in public buildings (administrations)

- Indoor areas in hospitals, indoor and outdoor areas in women and children's care centers, children's hospitals

- Indoor and outdoor areas in kindergartens, schools, children's palaces

- Indoor areas at education and training venues as well as places for teenager activities

- Indoor areas in cinemas, concert halls, libraries, exhibition halls, science centers, cultural centers, museums, art galleries, memorial halls, ect.

- Shopping malls and bookstores

- Indoor areas in financial, postal and communication places

- Tickets offices, indoor platforms and inside public buses, couches, taxis, ferries

- Auditoriums, sporting venues, indoor gymnasiums

- Indoor hotel lobbies, training centers and holiday resorts

- Escalators and elevators

- Other non-smoking areas according to law and regulations

Restricted smoking areas include:

- Restaurants of over 150 square meters or with over 75 seats

- Entertainment and gaming venues

- Indoor work spaces

- Waiting rooms of public buses, taxis, couches, metro, ferries, trains and airplanes

- Other restricted smoking areas according to law and regulations