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NFL expands presence in China with CCTV5 partnership
By Chen Xiangfeng (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-09-16 11:02

The American National Football League (NFL) is to receive greater exposure in China thanks to a deal worked out between the league and CCTV5.

Through the partnership, fans will be able to see game highlights and original shows each week as well as having access to new streaming and video-on-demand games on popular web portals Sina and

Starting tomorrow, there will be a 30-minute program which will feature the most exciting moments of the past week's games at 11:30pm.

From October 29, the highlights program will be preceded by an innovative reality show starring a well-known Chinese band and its experiences with the No 1 sport in America, on and off the field.

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"We are excited to offer the best ever lineup of NFL content to the Chinese audience in 2009," said Mike Stokes, the NFL's managing director in China. "Building on February's Super Bowl success with 2.2 million live viewers and an additional 100,000-plus viewers watching a delayed stream on Sina, we have increased our local productions to continue building our fan base in China.

"The expanded partnership with CCTV is key to our success this season, complemented by live game broadcasts on Sina, SMG and GDTV, as well as on new partner"

The NFL established its China office in 2007. For the 2009-10 season, the league will continue its successful marketing initiatives in Beijing and Shanghai, focusing on popular locations and university campuses. The interactive programs kick off this week and aim to give fans an up close and personal experience of American football.