Age frauds found in youth table tennis event
Updated: 2009-07-09 13:17

BEIJING: About one third of the players in a national youth table tennis competition were found lying about their age, a report said on Thursday.

The Chinese Table Tennis Association has decided to disqualify 28 players after the bone age tests found them lying about their ages in this year's national youth table tennis qualifying rounds starting on Monday, Yangcheng Evening reported.

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The newspaper said there were 90 players failing to pass the tests among 259 who received the tests, but did not go further to explain why not all the violators were punished.

The association also banned two teams from competing in the teams' event as each team had more than two players cheating about their ages.

The association requested all teams to give detailed birth date of each player in their applications for the national youth table tennis championships next month.

"The players will again be tested according to the revised information," the association said.